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Australia's Most Wanted

Australia's Most Wanted

Are you one of Australia's Most Wanted?

Are you an Audiologist or Prosthetist?  Have you even heard of these professions?  They are both on the latest ‘wanted’ list or Skilled Occupation List for migrants which is issued by the Australian Government every year and comes into force next month.

These two occupations both in the health field are the only new additions to the list. So if you are an expert in hearing loss or can treat those who have lost limbs and need artificial replacements, Australia wants you more than ever.

What is Australia’s Skilled Occupation List?

The Skilled Occupation List is extremely helpful for those planning to migrate to Australia as it gives a clear picture of what skills are in short supply.  It aims to meet medium to long term skills in occupations in Australia where there is currently a shortage.

It means that anyone who lodges an application after the 1st July on an Independent or Family Sponsored Points Tested Visa along with a Subclass 485 or Graduate (Subclass 485) Visa should check their profession or occupation is on the list.  Visa Solutions Australia can help with your application and guide you through the process of migrating.

In-demand professions

What many people may not realise is that each occupation on this list has a quota on the number of places which can be granted which means some occupations have more space than others.  Registered Nurses in twelve different specialist fields are featured.  A recent report projects that by 2055, the country will need to spend twice as much on healthcare per person and three times more on the elderly which is why the demand for nurses hasn’t wavered.

Panel Beater and Cabinet Maker made their first entry last year and stay on the list for a second year running.   Accountant and Software Engineer remain, along with trades such as Bricklayer, Stonemason and Carpenter.  Psychotherapist and Social Worker are also on the list.

Occupations which have disappeared

There are no surprises with some of the professions which have dropped off the list.  China’s slowing economy, which once fuelled the mining boom, has led to a slump in the mining industry with coal and iron mines shutting down operations or putting new projects on hold.  It’s led to several occupations being removed including Mining Engineer, Petroleum Engineer and Metallurgist. 

Some roles associated with the dental industry have also gone including Dental Hygienist, Dental Technician and Dental Therapist.

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