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The Medical Treatment Visa​

Sometimes in life you or someone you love may need medical treatment. Australia is lucky to have one of the most advanced medical and healthcare systems in the world.

The Medical Treatment visa is designed for you to either receive medical treatment, or support someone who is or will be receiving medical treatment in Australia. This includes people who are in Australia already, or those who need to travel to Australia to receive medical treatment, including the donation of organs.

This is a temporary visa designed to last the length of your treatment. You will need the support of a doctor or medical professional to apply for this visa. You will need to be able to meet all the costs associated with your treatment, as you will not be covered under Australia’s Medicare unless your country has a reciprocal agreement.

If you or someone you know needs to come to or stay in Australia for a medical reason, contact a registered migration agent at VSA to find out how to get the right visa.

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Medical Visa

Medical Treatment Visas: An Overview

The Medical Treatment Visa (subclass 602) is a temporary visa available for anyone needing to remain in Australia longer than their visa permits or for anyone required to travel to Australia for medical reasons.

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