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Offshore recruitment

Offshore recruitment is a dangerous and expensive game; if you don’t know what you are doing.

We here at VSA have been bringing in foreign workers to Australia for almost two decades; so we know how to do and what not to do.

For the company you want a skilled and qualified employee who is immediately productive in the workplace and will fit in well with the team and the local environment.

Skilled foreign workers want to know that they are going a reputable company which is offering genuine prospects for employment, and in some cases the opportunity for permanent residence.

Here at VSA we can put the pieces together for you for a successful outcome for both the employer and the employee.

We will only deal with properly and duly authorised offshore recruitment agents.

VSA has a strict policy in relation to the employer pays; we do not support any agents who back-charge the employees in their home countries or in Australia. 

Our Modern Slavery statement is available to all our clients to ensure that we adhere to the strict requirements of the Australian legislative framework.

The mobilisation process is critical to ensure that the offshore recruitment process works smoothly for all the parties involved. 

All insurances should be covered, medicals for immigration and workplace are conducted in the home country, pre and post departure briefings are organised correctly and fairly.

English language is a basic requirement of working in Australia and that is something that should be considered early in the process.

Skills assessments, character checks and other requirements are not only legal requirements but necessary checks and balances in the system for all employers. 

Not all migration agents are equal and have the required experience – here at VSA we are experts!  VSA is your trusted immigration adviser.

The immigration process is critical to ensure that the foreign workers have the correct work rights in Australia and where necessary will have the correct and most efficient pathway to permanent residence if that is what is required either at the beginning or at some stage down the track. 

We aim for long term recruitment solutions which work!

It’s simple if you know what you are doing!

If you want to know how this process works and what you can do to solve your skills shortage problems then contact your trusted immigration advisers here at VSA – we have the knowledge and the experience to show you how to solve your labour and skills shortage requirements. 

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