Offshore Recruitment

We often talk about overseas skilled workers taking on employment in Australia where a labour shortage is unable to be filled by a local worker. As common as this issue is, we don’t talk about how to hire overseas workers. As a full-service migration agent, Visa Solutions Australia offers a one-stop-shop service when it comes to recruiting overseas workers.

How does offshore recruitment work?
At times a company can experience a labour shortage. This could be caused by a spike in demand or sudden growth in their industry. If a skilled worker cannot be found locally to fill this skills gap, the company can seek employees from overseas. Off-shore recruitment is a favourable option for employers when it comes to satisfying a short-term employment need.

Employing overseas skilled workers is an involved process, and Visa Solutions Australia can help their clients with their overseas staffing needs.

Visa Solutions works with off-shore recruiter InterAsia Outsource Inc (IOI) to provide clients with quality skilled workers from the Philippines. After determining their client’s needs and liaising with IOI, Visa Solutions puts together a detailed proposal for the client. The proposal will include information such as required visas, sponsorship and nomination information and the total cost for employing an overseas skilled worker. Once the client accepts this proposal, plans are put in place to recruit a qualified worker.

Who is IOI?
Offshore recruiter IOI ( is based in the Philippines. They provide labour services to the construction, oil and gas, mining and resources, port and logistics and manufacturing industries. IOI prides itself on its ethical recruitment practices foremost of which is its non-fee charging policy to applicants. This ensures that it only selects and deploys the best-qualified workers to its clients and protects the workers from potential abuses that are prevalent in the overseas employment industry thus building the foundation of a mutually beneficial employer-employee relationship between IOI’s clients and workers.

What are the benefits of using the services of VSA and IOI?
As an employer needing skilled workers, using the services of VSA in conjunction with IOI, ensures that you are getting a highly skilled worker that can do the job they are employed to do. VSA’s detailed proposal outlines everything that is required to employ a skilled overseas worker ensuring that no paperwork is missed, the right visas are obtained and that the employment process is compliant. Allowing VSA to handle the issue of overseas recruitment means business owners can spend their time working on their business.


 ” Visa Solution’s collaboration with IOI gives us a seamless, uncomplicated and stress-free process to source overseas skilled workers and bring them into Australia “

 (Kaefer Integrated Services – Visa Solutions Client)


If you have any questions about off-shore recruitment and need expert advice, speak to one of the VSA team today. It is a complex subject so it is important to speak with someone in the know.