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Student visas are for international students wanting to study in Australia.

Visa Solutions Australia (VSA) has been helping international students come to Australia to obtain an Australian education for over 20 years. Our experienced registered migration agents can assist with your student visa needs. They can help with a Student Visa or a Graduate Visa.

Student Visa (subclass 500)

Student Visa

The Student (subclass 500) Visa enables international students to undertake full-time education and training in Australia. Applicants must be six years of age or older to apply, have the required level of English language proficiency and Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) for the duration of their stay in Australia. Student visas are granted for up to five years in duration.

The Student Guardian (subclass 590) Visa is available to parents, guardians or relatives of a child holding a student visa to provide care and support. This is a temporary visa, and holders of this visa must be able to support themselves while in Australia.

The subclass 407 Training Visa allows visa holders to take part in a professional development training program in Australia or in workplace-based occupational training activities to improve their skills for their job, area of tertiary study or field of expertise. This is a temporary visa with a duration of up to two years.

Graduate Visa

The Temporary Graduate (subclass 485) Visa allows international students to live, study and work in Australia once they have completed their studies.

The Graduate Visa is available to eligible international students and includes the following streams: Graduate Work Stream, Post-Study Work Stream, Second Post-Study Work Stream and Replacement Stream.

Eligible students are required to have graduated with qualifications or a degree from an Australian institution.

Why Choose Visa Solutions Australia?

The visa application process can be complex so our experienced team of registered migration agents can help you navigate the complexities of the process. Visa Solutions Australia has been operating for 20 years, offering exceptional migration and legal services, helping thousands of international students. Our professional team of registered migration agents come from all backgrounds and speak many languages.

Many of Visa Solution Australia’s registered migration agents were once international students themselves so they have a firsthand understanding of the student visa application process and the complications that may arise. We are genuinely invested in your visa outcome so we tailor-make our solutions to specifically cater to your circumstances.

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How to Work with Visa Solutions Australia

To start your visa journey, book a consultation with one of our registered migration agents. During your consultation, your migration agent will outline a suitable immigration pathway/s based on your personal circumstances and discuss the next steps to how we can help make your dream of calling Australia home a reality. 

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The student visa category consists of the Student (subclass 500) Visa, the Student Guardian (subclass 590) Visa and the Training (subclass 407) Visa.

Student Visa applicants will now be required to have an International English Language Testing System (IELTS) score of 6.0. Holders of a Graduate Visa will be required to have a score of 6.5.

The maximum length of stay for a student visa is five years. The length of stay granted will be dependent on the length of the course or training the applicant is undertaking.

Students need to meet all course requirements of the study program they are enrolled in. Students must remain enrolled and maintain satisfactory attendance and course progression. Students must also adhere to working limits of 48 hours per fortnight. During study breaks or semester holidays, working hours are unlimited. Where course requirements include work as part of the curriculum, those working hours will not be included in the 48 hours fortnightly limitation.

The subclass 500 is a temporary visa. While holders of a student visa are required to return home once their visa expires, they may be able to apply for another visa with a pathway to permanent residence. It is recommended that you speak with a registered migration agent to discuss your options.

In order to apply for a student visa, applicants must:

  • Be a certain age (at least six years of age)
  • Be enrolled in a course of study and provide evidence of this
  • Make welfare arrangements if they are under 18 years of age
  • Have adequate health insurance
  • Have enough money to cover living costs
  • Be a genuine temporary entrant
  • Meet character requirements
  • Meet health requirements