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The Bridging Visa​

Bridging visas are a special set of visas which allow people to stay in Australia while their application or appeal is being finalised. These enable individuals to stay past the expiry date of their previous visa where they would normally be required to depart. A Bridging visa also enables people to regularise their immigration status in situations where they may not hold a valid visa.

They are a strong incentive for applicants to lodge onshore applications where they can, if possible. Not considered a ‘substantive’ visa by the Department of Home Affairs, being on a Bridging visa can feel a little bit like being in limbo with no secure status in Australia. Nevertheless, they are an essential part of the Australian Immigration system.

Generally, a Bridging Visa is valid until your application is finalised, or until the date specified on the grant.

They are labelled alphabetically from A through the F, with A being the most beneficial and flexible Bridging visa, all the way down the F which is for extreme circumstances. You can only move down in Bridging visas, so from A to B for travel for example. Moving from Bridging C to B is not possible.

Common Types of Bridging Visas

The Bridging Visa A is generally granted to any individual who makes a valid application for a visa while onshore, while holding a substantive visa. It enables people to stay in Australia while their application is finalised, but does not allow you to travel outside of Australia. If you wish to travel overseas, you can make an application for a Bridging Visa B.

Bridging Visa E is generally for those who need to regularise their immigration status. When departing on a Bridging Visa E you should note any conditions which may effect future applications or travel to Australia.

Bridging Visas are a complex topic, so it’s best to discuss with a Registered Migration Agent regarding what options are available to you.

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