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Cancelled Visas: In some circumstances, the sponsor or the visa holder could ask the Department to cancel the visa that one is holding. Cancelling visas is at the discretion of the Department. 

If one cancels the visa, the Department may cancel the visas held by any of the family members. The employer, sponsor or family member cannot cancel visas. However, the employer or a person with parental responsibility can request the Department to cancel the visa of a person under 18 years old.

Visa may be cancelled if:

  • there are non-compliances with visa conditions
  • one did not meet the character issues or
  • false and misleading information have been provided in the application.


The Department imposes a range of conditions on visa holders including the duration of stay and activities they can undertake. The visa sponsors will also have to comply with their sponsorship obligations.  The Department will monitor the compliance of the sponsor obligations and also monitor the sponsored employees to ensure that they comply with their visa conditions. The Department might require the sponsor to provide information in accordance with the obligations, or undertake site visits to the sponsored business premises with or without notice, exchange information with other Commonwealth, state and territory government agencies, including the Fair Work Ombudsman, the Department of Jobs and Small Business, and the Australian Taxation Office.

The compliance with the sponsorship obligation might be monitored by Immigration inspectors, Fair Work Inspectors or Fair Work Building Industry Inspectors.  Failure to cooperate with inspectors is a breach of the sponsorship obligations. In such circumstances, VSA could assist you in responding to the Department.

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Visa Cancellation And Refusal

The UK commentator, Katie Hopkins’Australian visa, and her subsequent deportment made headlines. It has been reported that Hopkins, broke hotel quarantine rules resulting in her visa being cancelled. A visa can be cancelled, if it is believed that the visa applicant/holder is in breach of sections 101 to 105 of the act. An applicant must pass a character test and prove they are not a risk to the community.

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What happens if my Australian Visa gets cancelled?

Visa cancellation is a serious issue. Visa cancellation is at the discretion of the Department of Home Affairs and may also result in the cancellation of visas held by family members of the cancelled visa holder. Only the Minister for Immigration or a delegate of the minister can cancel Australian visas.

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