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The Resident Return Visa​

Obtaining permanent residence status is just the beginning of the migration journey for many people wishing to migrate to Australia. Many migrants still have strong ties with family and friends overseas and will often travel back and forth between countries once residency is granted.

Generally, Australian resident visas have a 5-year travel facility attached enabling holders to travel and then return to Australia. Once this travel period expires, travel options become limited as the automatic right to enter Australia is only available to Australian citizens.

If you are an Australian resident wishing to travel after your visa facility has expired, you will need to apply for an Australian Resident Return visa so you may re-enter Australia and regain your status as an Australian permanent resident.

As with many visas, there are certain requirements that need to be met in order to be eligible to apply for a Resident Return visa. The team of registered migration agents at Visa Solutions can provide all the help and clarity you need to apply for a Resident Return visa.

Who can apply?

In order to apply for a Resident Return visa, you must be:

  • An Australian permanent resident
  • A former Australian permanent resident whose last permanent visa was not cancelled
  • A former Australian citizen who lost or renounced Australian citizenship

Can I include family on my application?

You can’t include family on your application but if other family members are applying for this visa as well, you can have your application processed together if you declare them on your application.

Do I need to be in Australia?

You can be onshore or offshore when applying for this visa but not in immigration clearance.

How do I apply?

Speak with the experienced registered migration agents at Visa Solutions, they will help you with your application from start to finish, ensuring a smooth and worry-free experience.

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