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From Dream to Reality – The Path to Permanent Residency

The path to permanent residency isn’t always an easy one, but there is no greater joy than receiving the phone call announcing your permanent residency has been approved. For Craig Stickling, his wife Geraldine, and their two children that joyous phone call came earlier this week.

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Temporary Sponsored Parent Visa

From 17th April 2019, the Temporary Sponsored Parent Visa (TSPV) will become available. The TSPV is available to anyone that has children living in Australia and is an alternative to visitor visas which only allow short periods of stay.

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Australian partner

Not all Relationships are Created Equal

As with any visa, there are a myriad of tests and paperwork to be completed. While it is important that proper relationship screenings take place to determine the legitimacy of the relationship, how strict should visa laws be when it comes to applicants having to update their relationship status?

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Visa shake-up threatened to thwart my plans but VSA rescued me

The recent visa changes have had a huge impact on those who’ve already started the process to migrate to Australia, including one of our recent clients Paul Nevin who’s a financial planner.

Paul wanted to start a new life in Australia with his wife Alison and their four children. She had lots of relatives in Australia and narrowly missed out being born here.

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Amanda Valenti

Amanda is our migration law expert ‘bringing people together’

Amanda Valenti’s strong desire to help others led her to become a Registered Migration Agent as she always wanted a career where she could make a difference to peoples’ lives.
She’s one of the few members of the Visa Solutions Australia team who was actually born in Australia. Both sets of her Grandparents are Italian and emigrated in the 1950’s.

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Australia’s Most Wanted

Are you an Audiologist or Prosthetist? Have you even heard of these professions? They are both on the latest ‘wanted’ list or Skilled Occupation List for migrants which is issued by the Australian Government every year and comes into force next month.

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