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The Working Holiday Visa​

Australia currently has two types of agreements in place with other countries which allow citizens of specified countries access to a “Working Holiday” or “Work and Holiday” visa.

These working holiday visas are designed for people from 18 to 30 years old to be able to live and work in Australia for up to 3 years. You can only apply if you hold a passport from a specified country.

The initial working holiday visa is valid for 1 year; however, this can be extended for up to 2 additional years if you complete specific types of work – which are usually located in rural or regional areas.

It also offers a valuable opportunity to gain Australian work experience, which many visitor or holiday visas do not allow.


Some countries do have higher age limits or other conditions, so it’s best to check with your registered migration agent from Visa Solutions Australia which pathway you qualify for.

If travelling around the country and working while exploring all the amazing things Australia has to offer sounds like the sort of thing you would like to do, then the working holiday program may be your best option.

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Prime Minister Scott Morrison Announces Changes to Working Holiday Visas

Prime Minister Scott Morrison is proposing changes to the Working Holiday Visa which will enable backpackers to stay in Australia longer and work and live in a wider range of regions throughout the country.

Currently, Working Holiday Visas are valid for 12 months and holders are restricted to six months employment with any one employer during that time. Under proposed changes, backpackers will now be able to stay with agricultural employers beyond six months and will be able to triple the length of their stay if they do extra agricultural work. This is a move which is aimed at rural Australia and farmers specifically.

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Holiday VISA

Working Holiday Visas. Everything You Need to Know.

Many tourists travel on a Working Holiday Visa. A Working Holiday Visa allows travellers to visit Australia while picking up employment to either share their knowledge, skills and culture or to earn some extra money.

Businesses can benefit from employing Working Holiday Visa holders. Holiday visa holders can fill positions where there is a temporary increase in demand that doesn’t warrant the employment of a permanent staff member or they may fill a short term skills gap the business may be currently experiencing.

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