Which type of Australian employers are willing to undertake 457 sponsorship?

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Which type of Australian employers are willing to undertake 457 sponsorship?

Which type of Australian employers are willing to undertake 457 sponsorship?

Over the past two years, a tightening of the economy has meant that employers have been able to take their pick from home grown talent rather than sponsor an overseas candidate.

But there are still certain roles or types of industries which are in demand in Australia. Companies are still recruiting workers on the Temporary Work (Skilled) visa (subclass 457) which is commonly known as just a 457 visa.  A business can sponsor someone for this visa if they cannot find an Australian citizen or permanent resident to do the skilled work and it means you can legally work and stay in this country for up to four years.

Who will sponsor me?

Most people looking for work in Australia scour the jobs boards and hope that posts advertised will accept overseas workers on a 457 visa.

But only 30% of jobs in Australia are advertised, with the rest found through personal contacts and networking.  There’s a tendency for larger companies in Australia to offer more sponsorship opportunities to individuals than smaller ones. Businesses must be registered with the Australian Government to sponsor employees and some smaller businesses don’t have the resources to facilitate this. 

Most Federal Government and State Government roles will not offer 457 visa sponsorship.

Anyone looking for a 457 role should look at the website 457jobsaustralia.com which has listings for only 457 sponsorship roles. On other jobs boards, you can narrow your search down by putting 457 in as a key word.

It can be difficult securing 457 sponsorship from a distance, some companies in your home country may have global bases so it’s worthwhile speaking to them to see if opportunities for  exist for 457 sponsorship in their Australian offices.

Which type of industries are in demand?

While 457 holders can be found across a wide range of industries, there are some making more use of this sponsorship program than others.  These include hospitality, incorporating chefs and cooks and restaurant managers.

Information Technology is also high on the list of industries in demand.  Over the past ten years, Australia has seen a declining number of graduates in the technological field, which means employers are looking for overseas workers with skills such as programming or software.

Other popular work sectors include university lecturers, accountants, GP’s and medical officers and roles in construction.

As of 2016, there were 12,000,000 workers in Australia, 457 visa holders accounted for less than 1% of these workers. 25% of these arrive from India, 17% are from the UK.  The United States and China each supply 6%.  There are currently 95,000 temporary skilled migrants in Australia under the 457 visa program, but many bring wives and children over with them to Australia which swell the intake.

Visa Solutions Australia have worked with many companies who are looking to secure staff on 457 sponsorships.  Whether you’re a business owner trying to be selected to participate in the program or an individual wanting to find out more about 457 sponsorships, why not ring us today?   Call us direct on 1800 940 924 or our local Perth office number +61 8 6313 5748.

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