How many points do I need to get into Australia?

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How many points do I need to get into Australia?

How many points do I need to get into Australia?


Anyone who’s thought about entering Australia as a skilled migrant will be aware of the points system which exists.  The purpose of the so called ‘points test’ is to ensure that skilled migrants who can offer real economic benefit to this country are granted visas to fill labour shortages. 

190,000 visas are issued every year and are capped by the Australian Government. Of these, two thirds go to skilled migration, the rest are for family and humanitarian entrants.

If you are employer sponsored or sponsored by a partner or child, you do not need to calculate points. Here at Visa Solutions Australia, we are often asked about how the points system works and how many points you need to achieve in order to be eligible and apply as a skilled migrant to Australia. 

This article aims to answer some of your queries.

The points system

Anyone who wants to migrate under the points system must be under 50 years of age. If you are aged between 25 and 32 you get thirty points.  If you are aged between 40 and 44 you will get fifteen and if you are aged between 45 and 49 you get no points. 

The younger you are the more points you will be allocated.

The current pass mark for the skilled migration points based visa is 60, so that is what you should hope to achieve. If  you score lower than that number you can be placed in a pool. However, some states or occupations may require you to show that you're able to claim more than the basic 60 points.

The three visas which apply to this system are:

  • Skilled Independent (subclass 189). This allows skilled workers who are not sponsored by an employer, state, territory or family member to live and work in Australia.

  • Skilled Nominated (subclass 190) visa, which allows skilled workers nominated by a state or territory to live and work in Australia. Holders of the visa must stay in the state or territory that nominated them for at least two years.

  • Skilled Nominated or Sponsored (Provisional subclass 489) which allows skilled workers who are nominated by a state or territory or sponsored by a relative, to live and work in a specific regional area for up to four years. They can then apply for permanent residency. 

Anyone who would like to permanently migrate to Australia without a sponsor (e.g. an employer, partner or child) must lodge an expression of interest through the SkillSelect system.  This is an online system which gives applications a ranking in areas of age, education, expertise and work experience and calculates your points. Those applying must have an area of expertise as outlined on the relevant Skilled Occupation List.

As part of the process, the Australian Government will invite you to apply for a visa or specific state or territory depending on your visa selection.

How can you calculate your points?

Young, highly skilled applicants who have excellent English are likely to accrue the most points.

In general terms, you will be given points for:

·         Your age.  You get more points if you are within a young, working age of between 25-32.

·         Your level of English proficiency, you may have to sit an IELTS test

·         Occupation and employment experience to demonstrate your skillset

·         Educational qualifications

·         Skills by your partner

·         Any Australian work experience and/or Australian qualifications

There are many online calculators which may help you to calculate your points but if you need further clarification, why not give the team at Visa Solutions Australia a call?  We have a wealth of experience in all aspects of migration, and can run through the details of your unique circumstances to assess your eligibility across a range of visas to Australia.

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