Dan Engles of Visa Solutions Australia comments on the recently announced plans by Australia’s Labor party to have Perth

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Don’t exclude Perth from the country’s regional skilled migration program

Don’t exclude Perth from the country’s regional skilled migration program

Plans by Australia’s Labor party to have Perth removed from the Regional Skilled Migration Scheme have been condemned as being ‘ill-advised’ which could have ‘devastating consequences’ for the long term economic prosperity of Perth.  

Dan Engles, Migration expert and Director of Perth based Visa Solutions Australia says;

“This is a knee-jerk reaction to the current economic climate to woo voters in Labor’s campaign trail but could have disastrous consequences long term.

“Statistics show that the negative economic growth in WA over the past couple of years is linked to the number of people leaving WA, therefore we need to bolster numbers to the region to kick start the ailing economy.  These plans just don’t make sense.”

The Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme offers workers the opportunity to be fast tracked to take up posts in occupations which have traditionally been in demand.

Migration expert Dan Engles points to South Australia and the impact the drop-in population had on two decades’ worth of a decline in prosperity.

“Australian Government statistics show that South Australia’s workforce across the ages of 15-64 is growing at half the national rate, that’s well below the rate of neighbouring Victoria.  This has resulted in less people being ‘economically active’ which has had dire consequences.”

 “Economists tell us that increases in population, especially those people who are well educated adds to economic growth through their consumption expenditure and demand for housing, schools retail etc. That’s why skilled migration is so important.”

Business leaders are being urged to voice their opinions and lobby the leader of the opposition Bill Shorten against these proposals as he tours manufacturing bases during his trip to WA.

Numbers taking part in the Regional Skilled Migration Scheme is relatively small and in recent times, there’s been a drop in the number of workers coming to Perth on the Regional Skilled Migration Scheme for a variety of reasons.

Mr Engles who has more than fifteen years’ experience in the migration industry adds:

“Once someone has entered through this programme, it can take several years for skilled migrants to become permanent residents or Australian citizens.  Some return to their birth country and don’t stay long term. Mark McGowan and Bill Shorten’s proposals are short sighted and xenophobic and part of campaign trail nonsense to attract more voters.  We deserve better from Labor and a prospective new Premier. “

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