Working Together: Walker Wayland and VSA

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Working Together: Walker Wayland and VSA

Working Together: Walker Wayland and VSA

Visa Solutions Australia has been a part of the Walker Wayland Australasia Limited Network of professional firms since 2017.

Walker Wayland Australasia Limited is a network of independent professional firms located throughout Australia, New Zealand and Asia. The members of the Walker Wayland network are experienced in offering their clients technical knowledge, depth of experience and professional understanding that is relevant and required to operate in today’s business world.

While most members of the Walker Wayland network specialise in accounting and accounting type services, Visa Solutions breaks this mould as a boutique migration firm. One might ask, how does an affiliation between an accounting firm and a migration firm work? While not obvious to onlookers, migration services are an important service offering for Walker Wayland clients. Managing Director Scott Arnold of Walker Wayland NSW says, “Having this skill set in-house is very beneficial. As businesses become more global and cross border relationships evolve there is a greater need for the service that Visa Solutions provide. Our clients at times need to place people overseas or bring people to Australia. Visa Solutions helps us by ensuring the correct visa applications are in place and that all criteria and conditions are met.”

Led by a team of accomplished Registered Migration Specialists, Visa Solutions Australia assists people of all backgrounds. The Visa Solutions team is proactive and dedicated to helping their clients with their migration needs, priding themselves on putting the best interests of their clients first. This dedication to helping clients makes them a perfect fit for the Walker Wayland Professional Network that prides itself on their client relationships and providing a highly personal customer service experience.

Scott emphasises that they are very comfortable and confident in Walker Wayland’s relationship with Visa Solutions which in turn inspires confidence in their clients. He goes on to say, “Our clients consider us a trusted advisor so it’s important that we work with a migration firm that fits in with our ethos.”

Several affiliated organisations in the Walker Wayland network are also members of BKR International, a global organisation of independent accounting and business advisory firms. This association provides the opportunity for members to access the services and resources of an international firm, while maintaining a high level of personal attention and service their clients deserve.

If you have any questions about or would like expert advice on any aspect of migration, speak to one of the Visa Solutions Australia team today. It is a complex subject, so it is important to speak with someone in the know.

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