Why Lauren Orrett turned to VSA when her Partner visa was refused

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Why Lauren Orrett turned to VSA when her Partner visa was refused

Why Lauren Orrett turned to VSA when her Partner visa was refused

Why Lauren Orrett turned to VSA when her Partner visa was refused

Every year thousands of people lodge visa applications to the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection.  Many submit the paperwork themselves, but applying for any visa can be a complex and time consuming process and while the majority will be successful, there are some that will be rejected.  There can be numerous reasons for a refusal, more serious issues like fraud or ineligibility may surface, but often it's just simple mistakes like lackof evidence or inconsistencies which are behind a rejection.  

This was the cause for Lauren Orrett who came to us when her Provisional Partner visa got knocked back. Lauren submitted the initial visa herself as her and her partner James Rowland wanted to save money and thought it would be a straightforward process. They thought that guidance provided by the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection on their website would provide enough comprehensive information, so she was naturally devastated when she received a rejection.  If you want knowledgeable advice and a greater chance of a successful outcome, we strongly recommend you use a professional migration service like Visa Solutions Australia.  

This is Lauren's story and why she turned to VSA when her Provisional Partner visa was rejected.

Lauren's Story

It’s not very often that you move to the other side of the world, and meet your future partner within the first week of landing on foreign soil, but that’s what happened to Lauren three years ago.

Lauren is originally from Liverpool. Her sister had met an Australian man when she was an air hostess and had emigrated to Perth, and she had sent glowing reports of laid back life in the sunshine in Australia back to chilly North West England.

‘Wanted Down Under’

Lauren felt there were more opportunities available in Australia and she was keen to be reunited with her sister who had recently had a baby daughter.  She came out on a Working Holiday visa at just 18 and met James Rowland her partner, who was an Australian living in Fremantle. But the idea of emigrating was not a spur of the moment decision.

“I am very close to my family and we all appeared on the British television show ‘Wanted Down Under’.  In fact, in total we were in three episodes and in each one, there had been a slight change in dynamics, with my sister leaving for Australia and then me.  In fact, I appeared in it so much that I became a minor celebrity, I was recognised in a British airport by the security guard.”

Settling down in Australia with her partner James

Lauren and her partner James soon started planning for the future and saving for a house which they wanted to build in Yanchep.  In March 2015, her Working Holiday visa expired and she crossed over to a Student visa for four months to give her more time to officially lodge a Partner visa.

“I knew James was my soul mate, but I’d only known him a relatively short time so that’s why I waited sixteen months until I submitted my Provisional Partner visa.  I thought it would be a straightforward process, but the Department of Immigration and Border Protection came back to me and asked for more evidence such as bills and a medical certificate. They wanted it all returned within 28 days so I didn’t have much time.”

“My medical took a while to come back and I thought this would be the key piece of evidence they required, but it seems that they really wanted more proof that ours was a committed relationship.  I was devastated when my application was rejected.  I can’t explain how you feel, knowing that you may not be able to live in this country. I then had just 21 days to appeal. That’s when I sought professional advice from Visa Solutions Australia. “

Seeking advice

The team at Visa Solutions Australia have been working with Lauren to submit extra evidence such as historic bank transactions and financial bills to prove her relationship is genuine and longstanding. An appeal was submitted for Lauren’s Provisional Partner visa in July 2016.  She’s currently on a Bridging visa and she won’t find out her outcome until July 2017.

“I’m far more hopeful now as I have left it with the professionals and it’s lifted the weight of my shoulders.  I love Australia and the climate, I’m a firm believer that the weather makes everyone happier.  What's more my whole family are in Australia now, my brother, two sisters and my parents, who emigrated after me. I tell my friends back home in England that life is cruisy……yes, life here in WA is good.”

Lauren's timeline

March 2014  Lauren arrives on a year long working holiday visa 

March 2015  Moves from Working visa onto Student visa to study busines qualification

July 2015     Applies for a Bridging visa while she submits a Provisional Partner visa using guidance from the Department of Immigration and Border Protection website.

June 2016    Department of Immigration and Border Protection request extra documentation

July 2016     Provisional Partner visa refused and Lauren approaches VSA to submit an appeal. VSA worked with Lauren to submit an application to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT). Lauren moves onto a Bridging visa while waiting the AAT application to progress.

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