Why is Australia a popular migrant destination for Indians?

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Why is Australia a popular migrant destination for Indians?

 Why is Australia a popular migrant destination for Indians?

Have you ever wondered which country tops the list for migration to Australia? Well according to the latest figures for the 2016/2017 year released by the Federal Government, some 38 854 skilled or family visas were granted to migrants from India - that's just over 20% of all migrants.

China and England are second and third on this list. The latest census for 2016 shows that the biggest Indian population is in Victoria. There are many Indian communities in Melbourne - it's a city which is seen as affordable, with property prices lower than Sydney. It's also home to some of the country's leading universities.

But why are Indians looking to Australia to start their new life? Many Indians can speak good English, the climate here is similar to their homeland and they're impressed with the country's economic infrastructure.

Australia's reputation for higher education

An Australian university education is highly regarded and Indians are generally high achievers. By studying here, there’s a possibility they can then move onto permanent residency. In recent times, universities have been offering attractive scholarships to overseas students. A higher proportion of Indians have degrees compared to Australians and from an early age they are encouraged to do well academically.

There’s been a marked jump in student visas issued to Indians. In 2014, 46,000 were issued, three years later that figure rose to 60,000.

Historically, Indians have typically looked to the US for their university education, but with Donald Trump’s appointment as President, they’re now looking to Australia to study. This country is recognised as multi-cultural with the Federal Government adopting a zero-tolerance policy on racism.

In 2017, a delegation of ministers headed to India to encourage more people to study at a high level in Australia. The initiative was aimed at attracting India’s best and brightest. Indian students currently contribute $2.5 billion to the Australian annual economy.

Many Indians arrive on skilled visas

By 2060, India will be the most populated in the world and their economy is constantly growing.

Since the mid-1990’s, Indians have been keen to come to Australia on skilled visas. Most are professionals with IT, accounting, engineering backgrounds and a heavy concentration in the medical field.  Doctors and nurses are a real asset to Australia’s workforce, and some argue that the health system would collapse without the contribution of Indian migrants.

Indians are perceived as hard workers and multi-lingual which means they can slot into their new roles quite easily.

Warnings of unscrupulous migration agents in India

While the number of Indians arriving in Australia is on the increase, so too is fraud amongst lodged applications. Students, skilled workers and 457 holders have been admitted to Australia with fake documentation and it’s rife in other Asian countries such as Bangladesh and Pakistan.

With the increase in fraud, Immigration officials are constantly tightening their assessment processes. The issue is being blamed on agents who are not registered with OMARA. Some agents have a poor reputation and are renowned for trying to defraud the system by submitting fake identification documents. 

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