Why has my Australian visa application been refused?

There’s nothing worse than spending lots of time, money and effort submitting a visa application for Australia, only to learn it’s been refused. In recent times, the Australian Government has adopted a tougher approach to granting visas and the Department of Immigration and Border Protection scrutinises every individual application. Checks are made to ensure that evidence supplied is correct for the respective visa. If it falls short in any way, the likelihood is that the visa application will be refused.   

Here are the most common reasons for refusal:

Applying for the wrong type of visa

This is more common than you think, Australia has more than 140 types of visas which have specific requirements and conditions. Applicants who submit their own visa without consulting a migration expert may not choose the appropriate visa most suited to themselves and their circumstances.

Have not met the conditions of a previous visa

This may apply if you overstayed a temporary visa and records show that you didn’t leave the country in time or there’s other evidence that you abused the conditions attached to a previous visa. The Department of Immigration and Border Protection may feel you are not trustworthy and may abuse the conditions attached to another Australian Visa, resulting in a refusal to grant you another one.

Lack of application information or inconsistency

All documents which you submit are checked thoroughly, so make sure you submit the correct information. Check, double check and triple check what evidence and paperwork is required for the individual visa.  Under no circumstances attempt to submit documents which are falsified or have been altered. Partner visas are closely monitored.  It may be that the evidence you submitted wasn’t strong enough to show that your relationship was genuine.  If you cannot give full details of a longstanding partnership or there are inconsistencies with your evidence, a visa may be refused.  

Fail to meet Australia’s health requirements

Health grounds are one of the more commons reasons why a visa is rejected for Australia. A visa application may be denied if that person may be a financial drain or burden on the Australian medical system. An applicant can have their visa rejected if potential treatment exceeds over $21,000 over five years for those aged under 75. Generally, two thirds of those people denied a visa on health grounds are rejected because of potential treatment costs. Medical conditions which may prevent an individual from receiving a visa include those with HIV, cancer, major heart issues and even mental health illness.

Fail to meet Australia’s character requirements

Australia has adopted a zero-tolerance policy to criminals and people who have been involved in misdemeanours. Australia wants migrants who are of a ‘good character.’ A ‘character test’ is evaluated on a case-by-case basis.  Always remember that the Immigration Minister has the authority to revoke a visa that has already been granted if evidence comes to light which shows past criminal activity. A person is deemed to have failed the character test if they have an extensive criminal record, or there is a likelihood that they may engage in criminal activities in Australia, or are prone to harass or stalk another person.  A visa may also be refused if an individual has an association with an organisation involved in criminal conduct.

Lack of funds

Australia currently ranks as the fourth most expensive country in the world. The Department of Immigration and Border Protection wants applicants to prove they have enough funds for their stay in Australia and the amount depends on the visa and its subclass.  Many business and retirement visas require applicants to show they have financial assets and investments which amount to a certain value. You must prove you are financially sound or you may face a visa rejection.

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