Why Australia is making reforms in its skilled visa program

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Why Australia is making reforms in its skilled visa program

Why Australia is making reforms in its skilled visa program

Why Australia is making reforms in its skilled visa program

On the 19th of September of 2014, the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) began its review of its present skilled migration and temporary visa programmes. 

The review is going to involve key bodies in the Government, as well as migration agents, employers, and the general public in gathering together so changes that need to be made can be discussed in enhancing skilled migration in Australia. However, what we would like to know are the factors that have pushed for this review and what is the outcome the Australian government is hoping for from this exercise.

The truth is that this country isn’t anymore considered the only coveted destination country for skilled migrants looking for work. On the other hand, Australia is facing serious competition from a rising number of developed and developing countries alike, and because of this the skilled migration programme must be reshaped so its attractiveness, which has brought in thousands of skilled migrants that have contributed much to the economy, can be restored. Aside from its traditional competitors, the threat that is considered the strongest is in fact, coming from the neighbouring Asian countries of Australia. People are now choosing to find a job and settle in China, India, and Singapore for their progressive economies. Some are opting to settle in countries like Indonesia, the Philippines, or Thailand for their appealing and much more affordable for their laid back quality of life.

There also has been a momentous shift in the country’s transnationalism, which is resulting in a rising number of people who prefer temporary mobility versus permanent mobility. The idea of going home to stay has become growingly popular amongst migrants over the years. Individuals are now clamouring for the chance to work and live in other countries with the intent going back home with ample skills, investments, and money.

One more reason is that with economies in different nations struggling and only a few jobs being made available around the world, the competition has just been brought to a whole new level of intensity. This trend has witnessed these countries transform their immigration programmes to targeting migrants that are considered ‘talented’, from receiving migrants in a passive manner. Canada was the latest nation to make reforms to its skilled migration program and introduced the Express Entry system at the start of this year.

The results have yet to be announced however, there is one thing we can be absolutely sure of: These changes can affect people both ways. It can turn out good for them, or it could just be the opposite. The last time the Australian government made changes to its skilled migration program a lot of professionals who were hoping they can qualify for PR in the old system all of a sudden were just forced to change their plans almost overnight. The bottom-line is, it is imperative to keep an eye on these developments and be prepared for anything.

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