What sort of migration agency should I chose?

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What sort of migration agency should I chose?

What sort of migration agency should I chose?

Like businesses in any industry migration agencies come in all types and sizes. There are small business and owner/operators, small and medium sized enterprises (SME) and large corporate agencies.

So, which one is best for your migration needs? There are advantages and disadvantages to each.

Small business and owner/operators
Small business and owner/operator type migration agencies are usually sole operators and offer a more informal experience. While they offer a personalised service due to small caseloads, their experience and knowledge may be limited as they usually only specialise in certain visas.

Using one of these migration agencies will be cheaper due to lower running costs and you will always be in contact with a migration agent. On the downside, if your migration agent were to get sick or inundated with work, your case be delayed as there is usually no other staff to handle work overflow. 

Small and Medium sized Enterprises
Using a SME for your migration needs gives you the benefit of personalised service and a wide knowledge base. SME’s are migration specialists, experienced in all visa types and situations.

While a SME can be more expensive, your case will be handled directly by a senior registered migration agent who is equipped to handle any complex issues that may arise. SME’s employ a workforce of multiple consultants who can offer support to migration agents so there is always a contingency plan in place if illness or unforeseen circumstances arise.

Large business / corporate agencies
Large business and corporate agencies handle high volume visa processing. While this makes them a cheaper option, they are more equipped to handle standard applications and usually can offer only limited advice on complex or unusual situations.

In these agencies, visa processing is offered as a value-added service rather than a specialised migration service. The service you receive can be quite impersonal, and clients are unlikely to have contact with a migration agent with all cases being handled by junior registered migration agents or admin staff. 

Your migration needs will determine what type of migration agency will best benefit you.

As a SME, Visa Solutions Australia has the resources of a large corporate migration agency but offers a tailored customer service experience. Visa Solutions knowledgeable and experienced migration agents work with their clients to achieve favourable outcomes.

If you would like to discuss any aspect of migration, contact Visa Solutions on 1800 828 008.

Travel Exemptions
While Australian borders are currently closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, travel exemptions may apply under the following circumstances:
- A traveller has a compassionate or compelling reason to visit Australia
- Overseas workers holding a Subclass 482 or 400 visa are required to undertake a job in Australia that cannot be filled by a local employee

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