What Happens If My Australia Visa Gets Refused?

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What Happens If My Australia Visa Gets Refused?

What Happens If My Australia Visa Gets Refused?

You’ve planned your trip to Australia, having spent a great deal of time and money to get organised. All is in order, and now you’re just waiting for your visa to be approved. All of a sudden you receive notification that your visa has been refused. This can raise questions such as; why was it refused? What are the consequences of a visa being refused? What happens next?

There are many reasons why your visa may have been refused. These include:
- Applying for the wrong visa
- You may have previously been refused an Australian visa or did not meet the conditions of a previous Australian visa
- Inconsistencies in your visa application
- Failing to provide relevant documentation
- Supplying false and misleading documents
- Failing to meet health requirements
- Failing to meet character requirements
- Lack of funds

What are the consequences of an Australian visa application being refused?
The consequences of your visa being refused will depend on the reason for refusal. Visas that are refused based on character grounds can result in the applicant being permanently excluded from Australia.

Regardless of the reason for the refusal, any visa refusal will need to be declared on future visa applications.

What to do if your visa is refused
You will receive written advice if your visa is refused along with whether the decision can be reviewed. If you have the option of a review or appeal it is important to act immediately as strict deadlines apply.

You should work out why your visa was refused. Check that you applied for the right visa and that you provided all the relevant and accurate information required. Whether you’re appealing a visa refusal or re-applying for the visa, it may be best to employ the services of a registered migration agent such as Visa Solutions Australia.

If you would like more information about visa refusal or any other aspects of migration contact the team at Visa Solutions Australia.

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