VSA April 2021 Newsletter

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VSA April 2021 Newsletter

VSA April 2021 Newsletter

With the first quarter of 2021 behind us, Australian immigration has shown some signs of life relative to 2020. However, the travel ban remains in place, the borders are closed, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to obtain a travel exemption due to a multitude of rules and regulations.

Employers seeking to maintain and access skilled offshore workers during the pandemic crisis are becoming familiar with managing the visa process with applications for travel exemptions and subsequently the quarantine requirements.   

Those employers who are aware of the most recent rules and changes will experience a quick turnaround with both travel exemptions and visa applications provided they are handled in the appropriate manner and comply with the latest government policy.  

The landscape is constantly changing with the interaction of visa, travel exemptions and quarantine requirements, providing a highly variable scenario with the involvement of both state and federal governments.

Events such as the snap 3-day lockdown announced for the Perth and Peel regions last friday are a reminder of the volatility of border controls and the covid-19 situation in Australia.   

More recently, employers have received refusals of travel exemptions for temporary visa holders who have exited Australia and do not hold a “pre-emptive” travel exemption approval. The ABF is now requiring all Temporary Visa Holders to obtain a travel exemption prior to leaving Australia if they wish to return. This latest requirement has been implemented to manage the use of Australia’s quarantine system and ensure that only essential offshore travel is available particularly in the case of temporary visa holders who are essential workers in critical industries.   

PCR testing, the Australia Health Requirement, and a along with other small changes are somewhat recent additions to the process when travelling to Australia. The most up-to-date information can be found here. We also cover these issues in our blog articles such as Arriving in Australia in 2021. It's important to note the requirements and rules change frequently, so it's best to check close to your intended travel date.

Visa Solutions Australia has demonstrated success with travel exemptions, and we have successful outcomes across a wide range of industry sectors. Please contact us with any queries regarding travel exemptions or entering Australia during the border closure.

Australian Industry Group and Visa Solutions Australia hosted a webinar, Tackling Visa Issues with Success, covering visa and border issues in March 2021. This webinar included travel exemptions, employer sponsored visas, and employer obligations, among a host of other topics. You can watch the webinar on our Youtube channel.

Our blogs include but are not limited to visa requirements and eligibility, changes in immigration law, and various pieces of national news. You can check out our new articles every week here.

Our latest articles include:

Visa Solutions Australia is operating as per usual during this period. If you have immigration queries relating to the above, or need urgent assistance, please call us on 1800 828 008 or email us at visas@visasolutions.com.au.

We will continue to periodically update you with the latest immigration and visa news during this turbulent time. If you wish to receive more frequent news and updates, please follow us on Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram or Youtube.

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