VSA achieves two week turnaround for business visitor visas

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VSA achieves two week turnaround for business visitor visas

VSA achieves two week turnaround for business visitor visas

It’s not uncommon for businesses to want visas within a fast turn around time, and here at Visa Solutions Australia we do all we can to ensure they are approved and issued by the Immigration Department as soon as possible.

We recently received a request from Perth based Global Integrated Operations who are a business consultancy advising on improving productivity and supply.

The company came to us as they wanted business visitor visas for two employees who were coming to Australia for an annual conference.

Marilyn Lottering works for the company as a support officer.

“We needed two visas within two weeks for two members of our team who work from the Santiago office in South America. One who’d recently been hired, the other had been with us for six months.”

“I saw an advertisement for Visa Solutions Australia and the reviews were excellent, so I rang up and spoke to registered migration agent Simona. I’d tried a few other migration companies, but they weren’t interested because of the short timescale.  When I explained the situation to Simona she said it could be achievable and she’d do all she could to help.”

After receiving the call, Simona assessed the visa requirements and required documentation and quickly advised Marilyn at Global Integrated Operations what was needed. Marilyn takes up the story.

“I then went back to the team in Santiago and told them exactly what was needed, ID Cards and passports etc.  The Australian Immigration Office wanted all the documentation translated into English, and so we had to hire an approved translator.  Normally a translator would have a few days or a week to turn this around, but on this occasion, she had 24 hours.”

“I had a thorough consultation with Simona and she told me exactly what the process would involve, and all the documents required. She was so comprehensive. It wasn’t straightforward because we were dealing with a country which spoke a different language, and which was in a different time zone.”

As with any visa application, there were complex forms which needed filling in.  One application had 34 attachments including employment contracts. The two staff members were bringing wives and children so there was a lot involved, all the information required.  Under the guidance of Simona, all this information was collected by Marilyn at Global Integrated Operations and passed on.

“Simona said she would get back to us if anything was missing and then worked around the clock before lodging both applications. Two days after they were lodged, she chased it up with the Immigration Office to ensure it was prioritised. We had bought flight tickets and paid for accommodation, so we really needed it to be approved. It was a big risk but team VSA pulled it off and the visas were issued a day before they travelled.”

Global Integrated Operations has nothing but praise for Visa Solutions Australia.

 “VSA were tremendously professional and highly knowledgeable.  Every step of the way we were kept informed about the state of our applications. We will definitely be using them again.”

Visa Solutions Australia is a well- respected and trusted migration agency which provides comprehensive support and advice. If you want to find out more, give us a ring today.

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