UK Immigration Crackdown

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UK Immigration Crackdown

UK Immigration Crackdown

UK Immigration Crackdown

The UK is in the midst of an immigration crisis. David Cameron and the Conservatives committed, prior to the 2010 election, to reduce immigration numbers to less than 100 000 migrants entering Britain per year. Cameron cited limited jobs, pay and housing as his primary concerns in motivating him towards this goal. He also referenced the state of economic growth and low immigration levels that existed in the 1990s, as evidence that this move is achievable.

Despite the Conservative’s efforts to regulate and reduce migration into the UK, the numbers continue to grow. In 2013, an astounding 526,000 people migrated into the UK. This number rose significantly to 641, 000 by 2014. It would seem that the British government is fighting a losing battle.

However, David Cameron continues to insist he is not a quitter. In a statement to the British media at the Home Office, Cameron said that his approach does not involve giving up or forgetting about the issue. So how exactly do Mr Cameron and his fellow Conservatives hope to tackle the issue?

If Conservative MP Mark Field has his way, it will be by leaving the European Union. As part of Britain’s membership to the EU, they are subject to rules governing freedom of movement. Basically, they can do nothing to stop other Europeans crossing borders and setting up shop in the UK. Mr Field believes that while the EU is a beneficial network for the UK to be a part of, its laws regarding migration are detrimental to Britain’s welfare. Field would like to see a change in the UK’s migration, towards acceptance of migrants who will contribute to the community and economy, rather than just rely on their right to be in the country.

David Cameron’s strategy is more focused around criminalising illegal workers and placing the labour market back in the hands of UK workers. He aims to plug the source of capital to illegal migrants, making it difficult for them to remain in the country. In parallel to this measure, the Conservatives will implement a plan to upskill UK workers, enabling them to more easily infiltrate the job market and aid the UK economy.

In the wake of the global immigration influx, many countries are looking to Australia’s immigration policy for guidance. We are very interested to see how the Conservatives’ plan plays out.

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