Travel Exemptions for Manufacturers

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Travel Exemptions for Manufacturers

Travel Exemptions for Manufacturers

Travel exemptions are available to manufacturers in critical sectors requiring overseas workers to fulfill roles here in Australia.

With Australian borders closed and the Australian government’s pause on the Visa Waiver Program, some manufacturers have had difficulty in getting travel exemptions and visas for specialist skilled workers from overseas.

Visa Solutions Australia has been called in to help some of these manufacturers when essential workers from some European countries were not granted exemptions or visas. Without these essential workers, these companies were at risk of being delayed on certain projects which would not only result in a loss of revenue but also jobs.

One Australian food manufacturer purchased a piece of equipment prior to Covid-19 becoming a pandemic. As part of the purchase, it was agreed that a series of specialist technicians would also be deployed at various stages of installation. It’s quite common for Australian companies to purchase equipment from European manufactures and employ their specialised staff on a short-term basis to assist with the installation and set-up of such equipment.

Ordinarily, the country of origin of these technicians is responsible for arranging their visas but under current circumstances with Visa Waivers having been put on hold and closed Australian borders it’s become more of a challenge to enter the country. When the overseas company, responsible for sending these specialised technicians weren’t having any success gaining travel exemptions and visas to complete this project, Visa Solutions was approached to help with the process. Visa Solutions was able to effectively and efficiently obtain the relevant travel exemptions and visas required.

Unfortunately, many companies have experienced travel exemption refusals since the start of the pandemic. Given the nature of these visas, many migration agencies consider the work overly involved and when a visa refusal is issued, they just accept the verdict. The team at Visa Solutions Australia  have embraced the challenge and assisted the companies who were previously denied exemptions for their workers to get positive results. Visa Solution's team of migration agents have the efficiency and persistence to ensure these exemptions and accompanying visas are pushed through quickly.

While a visa decision may seem final, the team at Visa Solutions Australia believe in the philosophy of being there to advocate for their clients. A visa refusal may be presented but they will fight to get the decision reversed if they believe the client is rightly entitled to a positive outcome.

This is only one of many travel exemption success stories Visa Solutions can boast about. Since VSA's success with their initial client, other companies in a similar position have since approached her for assistance. Visa Solutions has also been helping companies who are responsible for well-known FMCG brands with their travel exemption and visa needs.

If you would like to learn more about travel exemptions or any other aspects of migration contact the team at Visa Solutions on 1800 828 008

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