Travel Exemptions During Covid-19

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Travel Exemptions During Covid-19

Travel Exemptions During Covid-19

Current travel restrictions have not only put a halt on overseas holidays but it has also impacted those that are required to travel as part of their job.

There are many jobs in Australia that can only be filled by people overseas who hold specialist skills and expertise, particularly in the mining, oil and gas industries. So, what happens if we need one of these overseas workers but current restrictions don’t allow overseas travel?

Visa Solutions Australia has recently been processing a large number of travel exemptions. These exemptions allow for these highly experienced people to come in and do the job they were seconded to do.

Who is eligible for a travel exemption?
A travel exemption can be granted to overseas workers (holders of a subclass 482 or subclass 400 visa) and their immediate family (spouse/de facto/children). Travel exemptions may also be available to anyone with a compelling or compassionate reason.

If an overseas worker is required to obtain an exemption for travel to Australia then a letter requesting an exemption from travel restrictions needs to be forwarded to the Australian Border Force. The letter will need to detail the applicant’s job description and what work they will be doing for the Australian based company. It may also contain background information on the company and the ramifications of the applicant not being able to travel to Australia to undertake the role.

In cases where a company works in a critical sector (medical, engineering etc) and is willing to support the applicant financially then a letter of support is also required to be submitted to the Department of Home Affairs. This letter of support will give background information related to where the applicant currently works and how their expertise is required for the local role and the length of stay required.

A travel exemption can take from anywhere from one day to 5 weeks to be approved depending on the urgency of the case (how soon the applicant needs to travel etc). A 14 day self-isolation period on arrival in Australia also applies.

Usually a travel exemption needs to be granted before a visa to stay in Australia will be approved.

If you would like to learn more about travel exemptions or any other aspect of migration, contact the Visa Solutions team on 1800 828 008 or send us an email.

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