Training Visa – Subclass 407

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Training Visa – Subclass 407

Training Visa – Subclass 407

The subclass 407 Training Visa is a temporary visa. It allows holders to take part in workplace-based occupational training activities to improve their skills for their job, area of tertiary study or field of expertise. 

There are three types of occupational training covered by this visa.

Occupational training required for registration
This is workplace based training that is required to obtain occupational registration, membership or licensing that is mandatory for an employee to work in their occupation in Australia or their home country.

Occupational training to improve skills in an eligible occupation
This refers to workplace based structured training programs that:
-          Are specifically tailored and aimed to the training needs of the nominated person
-          Relates to an occupation specified on the list of eligible skilled occupations
-          Involves a nominee who has recent and suitable prior experience. 

Occupational training for capacity building overseas
This is workplace based training in Australia for nominees who:
-          Are currently enrolled in a foreign educational institution and must complete a period of practical training, research or observation to get their qualification
-          Have the support of a government agency in Australia or the government in their home country
-          May be managerial or professional employees who require professional development such as face-to-face teaching in a classroom or similar environment in Australia.

The training must be specifically tailored and timed to the training needs of the nominated person. 

How Do You Apply for a 407 Training Visa?
In order to apply for a 407 Visa, the applicant must be sponsored by an organisation. The applicant and the sponsor must follow the application process as follows: 

Step 1: The organisation must apply to be a Temporary Activities Sponsor
Step 2: The sponsor nominates a person to undertake the training (Commonwealth agencies are exempt)
Step 3: The Applicant / Nominee applies for the visa
Step 4: The visa is granted

The length of sponsorship will be confirmed when the application is approved although it is usually valid for five years from the date of approval.

Applicants may include family members on their visa application although any family members who are granted the same visa are only permitted to work up to 40 hours per fortnight.

Holders of a Training Visa may travel outside of Australia and return as many times as they like while the visa is valid. Leaving and returning to Australia does not extend the validity of the visa. 

Eligibility criteria applies to both the applicant and the sponsor. 

Applicants must meet the following criteria in order to be eligible for a Training Visa:
-          Have an approved sponsor
-          Be nominated
-          Be 18 years or older at the time a decision is made on your visa
-          Hold a valid substantive visa (not a Subclass 403, Subclass 771 or a Special Purpose Visa)
-          Meet health requirements
-          Meet character requirements
-          Have adequate health insurance
-          Be a genuine temporary entrant
-          Have functional English
-          Sign the Australian Values Statement
-          Not owe any money to the Australian Government or have made arrangements to pay back any money owing
-          Not had a visa cancelled or a previous visa application refused 

Sponsors must meet the following requirements in order for a Training Visa to be granted:
-          Provide occupational training directly
-          Be an approved Temporary Activities Sponsor in order to sponsor an applicant of this visa

If you would like to learn more about the Temporary Training Visa or any other aspects of migration, contact the Visa Solutions Australia team. It's a complex subject, so it is important to speak with someone in the know.

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