The Temporary Work (Short Stay) Visa – Subclass 400

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The Temporary Work (Short Stay) Visa – Subclass 400

The Temporary Work (Short Stay) Visa – Subclass 400

The Temporary Work (Short Stay) Visa allows eligible applicants to do highly specialised work in Australia on a short-term basis. This visa applies to anyone with specialised skills, knowledge or experience not readily available in Australia.

This visa is an attractive option for Australian employers wishing to hire someone on a Temporary Work Visa as they are not required to apply for sponsorship or lodge nomination applications. Generally speaking, the Australian business only needs to supply a letter of support for the applicant. Temporary Work Visa applicants must be outside of Australia when applying for this visa and when a decision is made on the application.

In most cases, this visa is granted for three months with the possibility of six months depending on circumstances. For longer stays to be granted, a strong business case must be presented with the application. The temporary work visa may be granted with single or multiple entry. The stay period commences on the first date of arrival. If the visa has been granted with multiple entry, the stay period does not reset each time the visa holder arrives in Australia.

While Temporary Work Visa holders may bring family members with them, the family members are unable to work or study in Australia except to do a language training program. 

In order to be eligible for a Temporary Work Visa, applicants must:
-          Have highly specialised skills, knowledge or experience that can help an Australian business but cannot be reasonably found in Australia
-          Be able to support themselves and any dependents
-          Meet health requirements
-          Meet character requirements
-          Be a genuine visitor
-          Have paid back any debts to the Australian government or have made formal arrangements to pay it back
-          Not have had a visa cancelled or previous application refused

What Obligations Apply to the Temporary Work Visa?
The visa holder and any family members that are part of the application must comply with all visa conditions as outlined in the visa grant letter and only conduct work or activities for which the visa was granted. They must also obey Australian laws.

Visa holders must notify the Department of Immigration of any changes in circumstances. These include:
-          Changes to contact details (phone number, address or passport)
-          The birth of a child

It is also recommended that applicants take out health insurance in case any unforeseen medical issues arise while staying in Australia. 

Cost and Processing Times
The Temporary Work Visa costs AUD310 for the main applicant. This fee does not apply in the following circumstances:
-          The applicant is coming to Australia to act as a representative of foreign government
-          The applicant is listed in a legislative instrument

A charge also applies for each family member who applies for the visa with the main applicant.

Additional costs may be incurred for:
-          Health checks
-          Police certificates
-          Biometrics

Processing of Temporary Work Visas can take anywhere from 14 to 21 days. Processing may take longer if:
-          the application is not filled out correctly
-          the application doesn’t include all required documents
-          more information about the applicant is required
-          it takes time to verify this information

For more information about the Temporary Work Visa or any other aspect of migration, contact the Visa Solutions Australia team. It is a complex subject so it's important to speak with someone in the know.









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