The Borders are Closed! What Can I do While I Wait for Visa Applications to Re-open?

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The Borders are Closed! What Can I do While I Wait for Visa Applications to Re-open?

The Borders are Closed! What Can I do While I Wait for Visa Applications to Re-open?

While you may not be able to apply for your visa at the moment, there is plenty you can do to prepare while you’re waiting for applications to re-open.

In most cases, you will need to supply additional documentation to support your visa application or achieve a certain amount of points to be eligible to apply for your visa. Working on these elements of your visa application will put you in a good position to set the wheels in motion once applications re-open.

Points Requirements
Most skilled visas require at least 65 points to be able to submit an expression of interest (EOI) for a visa. While you might achieve the 65 points there is no guarantee that you will be invited to apply for the visa. Candidates are ranked by the number of points they have so the more points you have the sooner and more likely you are to be invited to apply.

Points are awarded for the following:
-          English language level
-          Age
-          Meeting skills requirements
-          Educational qualifications

Occupations have an impact on the number of points required. Those with competitive occupations such as engineers and accountants generally need to have at least 80 – 90 points to be considered. Those working in critical sectors such as nursing and other medical professions may only need 65 – 70 points to be invited.

So, how can you increase your accumulated points total and increase your chances of being invited to apply for a visa?

Improve your English
General Skilled Migration visas require you to have at least a competent English level. While a competent English level is required, it doesn’t guarantee you a visa. However, by taking an English test you can earn extra points for your visa application. Visa applicants with a proficient English level qualify for an extra 10 points and applicants with a superior English level qualify for an extra 20 points.

Other additional Studies
If you are fluent in another language, you can undertake a Credentialled Community Language (CCL) assessment. Successfully completing this assessment earns you an additional five points.

Studies that help enhance your current skills will also be looked upon favourably.

Skills Assessment
One of the requirements of the Skilled Nominated Visa (SC190) and the Skilled Regional Work Visa (SC491) is that you have a skills assessment. Skills assessments are carried out by the relevant skills assessment authority in your particular industry and basically verify that your experience and qualifications meet the standards of work relevant to your occupation.

Each assessing authority has its own procedures and timeline for assessing experience. It’s important applicants go through the requirements and ensure they have all relevant documentation prepared. This can be a time-consuming process especially if documents relating to study and work experience overseas need to be translated to English.

Prepare documents
Most visas will require supporting documentation to be able to lodge the visa application. The visa you are applying for will determine which documents you need.

Skilled Nominated Visa and Skilled Regional Work Visa
These visas will require you to have the following documentation:
-          Identity documents (passport, national ID)
-          Skills assessment documents (e.g.: work reference letters and payslips)
-          English language test

All these documents must be in English. If they are not in English, they must be translated by the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters (NAATI).

Partner Visas
Partner visas require you to provide evidence of your relationship. This is a perfect time to collate any required documents such as:
-          Identity documents
-          Evidence of a relationship (bills, photos, receipts of joint purchases etc)

If you’re not sure what documentation is required to complete your impending visa application, speak to a registered migration agent such as Visa Solutions Australia.

While the stall in visa application processing may seem like a setback, look at it as a good opportunity to enhance your chances of being successful in gaining your visa.

Travel Exemptions
While Australian borders are currently closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, travel exemptions may apply under the following circumstances:
- A traveller has a compassionate or compelling reason to visit Australia
- Overseas workers holding a Subclass 482 or 400 visa are required to undertake a job in Australia that cannot be filled by a local employee

Visa Solutions Australia has been successful in acquiring a broad range of exemptions, from critical workers to those needing to travel on compassionate grounds.

If you would like to discuss any aspect of migration, contact the team at Visa Solutions Australia on 1800 828 008.

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