State Nomination – Investor stream 188B | 州担保 – 投资者签证188B

1.      New South Wales 新南威尔士州

a.       Combined assets 净资产

i.      Sydney – >$3 million

投资悉尼 – 大于3百万澳币;

ii.      Regional NSW – > $2.25 million

投资偏远地区 – 大于225万澳币 

2.      Victoria 维多利亚州

a.       Make an additional investment of at least $500,000 in Victoria during the provisional visa period and held it for no less than 12 consecutive months before applying for the permanent visa subclass 888.


b.      Have no less than $200,000 combined assets to settle in Victoria. 拥有不少于20万的资金来支付入住维多利亚州的生活费用 

3.      Western Australia 西澳大利亚州

a.       Have no less than $500,000 combined assets to settle in Western Australia. 拥有不少于50万的资金来支付入住西澳大利亚州的生活费用

4.      South Australia 南澳大利亚州

a.       Agree to register your arrival in South Australia with Immigration SA and maintain current contact details for the duration of your visa.


5.      The other states/territories requirements for nomination are the same as that of the Department of Home Affairs