State Nomination – Business innovation stream 188A | 州担保 – 商业创新和投资签证188A

1.      New South Wales 新南威尔士州

a.       Business turnover 公司营业额

i.      Sydney – >$1 million

投资悉尼 – 大于100万澳币;

ii.      Regional NSW – >$500,000

投资 偏远地区 – 大于50万澳币

b.      Combined assets 净资产

i.      Sydney – >$1.3 million

投资悉尼 – 大于130万澳币;

ii.      Regional NSW – > $500,000

投资偏远地区 – 大于50万澳币

c.       Business investment 商业投资

i.      Sydney – >$500,000

投资悉尼 – 大于50万澳币;

ii.      Regional NSW – > $300,000

投资偏远地区 – 大于30万澳币


2.      Victoria 维多利亚州

a.       Score at least 80 (not including state nomination) 技术评分至少取得80分(不包括州担保分数)

b.      Business activity excludes 投资的生意不可以包括:

i.      Small scale property development


ii.      Small scale freight forwarding and warehousing


iii.      Commodity and scrap metal export


iv.      Passive investment


3.      Queensland 昆士兰州

a.       Entry level small retail business, such as convenience stores, cafes, restaurants are only accepted if established in regional QLD.


b.      General importing business will not be accepted unless the imported products are highly innovative, advanced in technology, or currently unavailable in QLD.


c.       Property development business will not be accepted.


4.      Western Australia 西澳大利亚州

a.       You, your partner or you and your partner combined have at least more than $900,000 that can be transferred to Western Australia within 2 years of visa grant.


5.      South Australia 南澳大利亚州

a.       Main applicant must have visited South Australia before.


b.      Agree to register your arrival in South Australia with Immigration SA and maintain current contact details for the duration of your visa.


6.      The other states/territories requirements for nomination are the same as that of the Department of Home Affairs