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Pokemon Go Adventure in Perth!

Pokemon Go Adventure in Perth!

Asia invited to experience the Pokémon phenomenon in Perth

It’s the game that has taken the world by storm.  Well some of the world anyway. 

The revolutionary app Pokémon Go, a reality location game played on your mobile phone is currently available in over 30 countries including Australia, the UK, US, Canada and parts of Europe. But people in Asia are missing out as it hasn’t crossed to that continent yet.

So if Pokémon Go can’t go to Asia then Visa Solutions Australia has decided to invite the Asians to experience it here!

For a fixed price of just $500 VSA is offering a Pokémon Go Visitor Visa package in a turnaround time of less than 24 hours.  

For that price overseas visitors will be collected from the airport and taken to three (3) of Perth’s iconic destinations to play the game which gives you a real adrenaline buzz. You will be going to three high value Pokémon sites!

Choose from King’s Park, one of the largest inner city country parks in the world incorporating beautiful bushland and sculptures, or maybe Elizabeth Quay, a waterside development overlooking the picturesque Swan River.  

Perhaps you’d like to experience Pokémon Go at Hillary’s Boat Harbour, a marina and bustling dining and retail hub on the water. Or maybe near to the architecturally renowned Perth Bell Tower or the Perth Mint which has been refining and producing precious metals for more than 110 years. 

Free internet data will also be provided so you can enjoy the Pokémon Go Phenomenon in Perth!

Why not arrange for a group visit to enjoy this virtual game on Australian soil and be part of this new craze?

Gather a group of friends and contact Visa Solutions Australia on +61 8 9328 2664 today!

Call us today on +618 9328 2664 

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