Plan First, Pack Later!

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Plan First, Pack Later!

 Plan First, Pack Later!

Planning to migrate can be an exciting time. There are a number of reasons for migrating and a great many visa options to suit the migration needs of most people. While there are many visa options available, it’s important to remember that they all differ in their requirements and their application lead times. Visas can take anywhere from months or even years to obtain.

Planning effectively can help make the migration process run smoothly. The most important aspect of migrating is obtaining your visa. Often, people submit their visa application and then start packing up their life and selling off their possessions in anticipation of their move. While it seems logical, it can actually be a bit hasty. While your application seems straightforward, it’s important to remember that any number of things can cause a delay in the processing time.

Factors such as medical conditions, incomplete applications or not disclosing information such as prior criminal convictions can delay your visa application or in some cases result in refusal of a visa.

What should you do if you’re planning to migrate?

Once you’ve decided that you want to migrate, think about the process. First and foremost, you need to apply for your visa. Research the types of visas available (partner, student, work etc) to determine the best visa for you.

Look into the visa processing times and remember that while a certain time frame has been stated, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your visa will be approved within this time frame.

Once you have applied for your visa wait until you have the approval in your hands before you start packing your bags. While it’s good to get a head start on these things, there’s nothing worse than having your bags packed with nowhere to go!

It’s really important to be aware of visa processing times and related issues when it comes to migrating. Being on top of the whole process will ensure that your move will run smoothly.

If you need any expert advice on applying for visas or any aspects of migration, speak to one of the VSA team today. It is a complex subject so it is important to speak with someone in the know.

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