Peter Dutton Cracks Down on Foreign Criminals

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Peter Dutton Cracks Down on Foreign Criminals

Peter Dutton Cracks Down on Foreign Criminals

Since the December introduction of a new power which allows the Department of Immigration and Border Protection to cancel the visas of non-citizens who commit serious criminal acts in Australia, 490 criminals’ visas have been revoked. This number includes 24 rapists, 28 paedophiles and 12 murderers, all of whom have been forcibly removed from the country. Criminals from all across the globe have had their visas cancelled, including people from the Middle East, Europe and the Pacific.

The new power was introduced in the hope of projecting a strong sense of the Government’s commitment to protecting the Australian community and presenting a strong front against criminal conduct. The Department of Immigration has been working closely with law enforcement agencies and Peter Dutton is personally dealing with high risk cases.  Mr Dutton has set a particular focus on outlaw motorcycle gang members.

People, who have had their visa revoked under these new laws, can appeal to have the decision reversed if they do it in a timely manner and have strong reasoning.

Whilst 99 percent of foreign criminals who have been removed from Australia thus far have been on visas, a small amount of them haven’t. Mr Dutton has vowed to send anyone who is in the country illegally “packing” in a “very quick exit”.

Despite these tough laws, Mr Dutton says that the majority of visitors to Australia offer a valuable contribution to our nation and abide by our laws. He has referred to staying in Australia as a privilege which will be withdrawn if it is abused.

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