New Short-Term Mobility Visa May Reduce Red Tape

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New Short-Term Mobility Visa May Reduce Red Tape

New Short-Term Mobility Visa May Reduce Red Tape

Commencing July 2016, the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection will implement a new visa program to replace the existing 400 visa. The new program is a Short-Term Mobility Visa, which will enable immigrants to work in Australia for up to 12 months without a 457 skilled migration visa.

The Short-Term Mobility Visa would allow multiple entries over a maximum of 12 months. Migrants on this program would not have to complete English language or skills requirements; nor would their employers be required to test the labour marketing prior to hiring them, in order to ensure no Australian worker could fill the position instead. Instead, employers will only be subject to the Genuine Temporary Entry requirement and applicants only to health, character and safety requirements.

The family members of Short-Term Mobility Visa holders cannot be included within the same visa application as the initial applicant. Moreover, visa holders would be allowed to apply for subsequent visas if their circumstances change and they need to stay in Australia for a longer period.; Applicants can apply for the visa, whether within Australia or overseas.

This new visa program option potentially signifies an exciting development for foreign workers wanting to enter Australia. The fully developed visa framework will be available as soon as August or September of 2015, after which plans for program commencement will begin.

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