Nathalie joins VSA with strong track record in all aspects of migration

Nathalie joins VSA with strong track record in all
aspects of migration

Senior Registered Migration Agent Nathalie Chu joins Visa Solutions Australia with extensive experience across all areas, especially corporate visas with large clients in the mining and gas sector.

“I like to think I facilitate and empower those who want to call Australia home, but on a wider level I am contributing to this country’s economy.  I am part of the process to bring skilled people here, who have expertise and knowledge which should help to bolster the economy.”

Multi-cultural Mauritius

Nathalie is originally from Mauritius, a country which she calls a ‘melting pot of different cultures.’

“I had a great childhood.  The Chinese community represents just 2% of the 1.2 million population there.  It is a very multi-cultural place so I have always mixed with different ethnic groups.”

Working in the Canadian Embassy in China

Nathalie went to study, completing a Bachelor of Arts in Chinese Language. Once out of university, she worked in an immigration role in China.

“The Embassy would assess applications from Chinese nationals who wanted to migrate.  I helped case officers and it is where I learnt my trade and I stayed for two years.”

After her stay in China, she moved to Seoul for a while before making the decision to move to Australia.

Moving to Australia

Arriving in Perth, she saw an opening at a migration company which suited her background.

“It was a graduate trainee role at a company which was headed up by Dan Engles who is now the MD of Visa Solutions Australia. So, Dan and I go back some time. This position would give me on the job experience as well as allowing me to study to become a registered migration agent. In total I was there for ten years.”

Nathalie left to do more corporate visas with one of the top accounting firms until she was offered the role at VSA by her former mentor Dan Engles.

Encompassing all migration work at VSA

“When I was at the accounting firm I was dealing with companies in oil and gas and helping with corporate visas.  At Visa Solutions Australia there’s more partner and family visas as well, I love this variety especially meeting people face-to-face and helping them to make Australia their permanent home.”

Nathalie describes her self as ‘one of life’s helpers’ and finds the migration industry tremendously rewarding.

“Migration law is always changing so I have to be on top of new legislation.  No year is the same, you get to see different trends.”

What a racquet, Nathalie’s home life

Outside of work she likes nothing more than quality family time.

“We like going to the countryside. We also play badminton, it’s a sport I have enjoyed since a child in Mauritius when I used to play competitive matches. We also love eating out because there is such a mix of different food available”

And just as Nathalie likes the mix of different culinary offerings, she says the mix of different migration clients means it’s her lifelong chosen career.

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