Meet Jack our Business Generalist who has a (double) degree of responsibility at VSA

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Meet Jack our Business Generalist who has a (double) degree of responsibility at VSA

Meet Jack our Business Generalist who has a (double) degree of responsibility at VSA

One of the youngest members of the Visa Solutions Australia team is Jack Pearson-Lemme. He may be 20 years-old but Jack comes to us with a broad range of business skills.  If you ring the office you may get through to him on the phone.

“My job title is Business Generalist and it’s not hard to see why. I do the accounts, invoicing assisting with cases and helping to lodge application forms.  I also work on the website as I have some IT skills, so excuse the pun, but I am a Jack of all trades, but that’s why I love this role so much.”

Graduating from UWA into working life

Jack was born in Perth and went to Hale School, and then secured a place to study a Bachelor of Commerce Degree at the University of Western Australia majoring in Accounting and French.

“Every day is different at VSA, we have many clients who want different visas so there’s plenty of variety.  I Like travelling with them on this journey and being part of the process, which will ultimately secure them a new life in Australia,” he explained.

“We meet people who are in vulnerable positions.  They’re concerned as to whether their application is going to be successful which means when it all comes together, you also feel their relief and euphoria.”

Jack’s law of migration

 Jack is based in the Como office and this is his first full-time job since graduating.  While he enjoys the migration industry, he also has an interest in law.

“This role is perfect for me as in my opinion migration is another branch of law.  You must be knowledgeable about the latest regulations and impending reforms.  There’s certainly a lot going on the migration industry now which means it’s a great time to be working in this field.”

Aussie born

Jack is the only person working at VSA who was born in Australia, but his mother was born in Yorkshire which means he has British blood in him.

“My Mother came over here and met my Father, so she’s a migrant.  Every year we go to England to see my grandparents who live in Huddersfield.  The whole family is soccer mad and I have an interest in the English Premier League,” he explained.

Drumming up a love of music

Outside of work he enjoys soccer (naturally) and tennis.  He used to play percussion instruments including the drums and the piano and was part of both an orchestra and ensemble while at Hale School.

More recently he’s spent some time as a mentor helping young Sudanese boys living in Australia to improve their English and Mathematics.

“I’ve been volunteering with the Sudanese Australian Integrated Learning Program for a while, and it’s given me a better understanding and insight into the difficulties and experiences that refugees and new migrants face upon arrival in Australia which has helped me in my role.”

“We all work together here at Visa Solutions Australia, there’s a good culture and atmosphere and the Managing Director Dan Engles is very inspirational.  I do feel privileged to be part of the success story here at VSA.” 

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