Jigsaw: Helping Put the Pieces Together for High Wealth Migrants.

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Jigsaw: Helping Put the Pieces Together for High Wealth Migrants.

Jigsaw: Helping Put the Pieces Together for High Wealth Migrants.

Jigsaw provides investment support services primarily to people seeking to migrate to Australia on high wealth visas. 

Providing a bespoke service, Jigsaw aims to provide investment solutions and knowledge to those wishing to obtain these visas.

Of the hundreds of thousands of migrants that enter Australia each year, approximately 10,000 of those enter on a business or high wealth visa. While a migration agent will assist with the visa application aspect, they are not experts in investments and the intricacies of certain criteria required to obtain these visas. This is where Jigsaw comes in.

Jigsaw was set up to assist with the investment requirements of people migrating and needing to invest in Australia in order to satisfy the requirements of their visa application.

Jigsaw is run by and employs experts in the services they offer. They are not migration agents but work alongside the migration agent to ensure the criteria of the visa application in relation to investments has been met. As entrepreneurs and experts in their field, the team at Jigsaw are experienced in setting up, organising, funding and running businesses and performing diligence on various investments.

While focused on the wealth migration area, Jigsaw has recognised there is also a need for greater support services for people in the business and property advisory space.

Why is there a need for a business like Jigsaw?
In their dealings with migration agents, it became clear that there was a real need for this type of service. They realised there was a lack of experts that those migrating on these visas could speak to and trust. Often visa applicants will seek the advice of their accountant, but accountants don’t always have knowledge of the best investments or awareness of what is compliant with the visa application. Applicants also run the risk of speaking to the wrong person and being led astray.

What services does Jigsaw Offer?
Jigsaw offers the following services:
-          Investment Migration
-          Business and Property Advisory
-          Corporate and Financial Support

Investment Migration
Jigsaw provides support services to improve and enhance their clients Australian visa applications. With vast experience with various visa categories, Jigsaw will work through the various requirements relating to the Department of Home Affairs investment criteria, ensuring full compliance to assist their clients in gaining permanent residency.

Business and Property Advisory
Jigsaw will act as a personal agent for their clients wanting to acquire business and real estate property. They will offer assistance with business acquisitions and residential and commercial property purchases. As an agent for their clients they will act on their behalf to not only make enquiries and assessments but also to represent their clients through the whole acquisition process right through to settlement.

Corporate and Financial Support
Jigsaw assists its clients in navigating Australia’s often complex legal and commercial environment. They will assist with company and corporate set-up, taxation and financial issues and ensuring compliance with certain transactions, whether it’s investing in Australia or purchasing property or other assets.

How do clients engage with Jigsaw?
Initially, the client will approach a migration agent such as Visa Solutions Australia. As the first port of call, the migration agent will field the client’s interests and determine a suitable pathway for them. The client is then referred to Jigsaw who will step in and make sure the suggested pathway can be certified and the client can make certain investments and meet the strict criteria set by the Department of Home Affairs. The visa applicant’s visa does not need to be approved prior to investing, they can commence investing while the application is being processed. Jigsaw will work hand in hand with the migration agent to ensure they are providing the right solution for the client.

For more information about Jigsaw visit www.jigsawvisa.com.au or contact the team at Visa Solutions Australia.



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