Immigration Influx

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Immigration Influx

Immigration Influx

Immigration Influx

2015 is set to see an influx of immigrants into Australia, with more than; 5 million visas; predicted to be issued!

With such a significant change in population demographic within the nation, a reconsideration of policy is inevitable. The challenges to Australian policy that will evolve in 2015 are expected to be of a scale so large that the last comparable period of change was in World War II.

This year should see up to 1.9 million temporary immigrants inhabiting Australian shores at any one time, comprising of students, tourists and workers on short-term visas. Even permanent migrants are flooding in at a rate set to surpass the current Australian record, originally set in 1969.

6.6 million individuals who were born overseas currently call Australia home. That figure comprises of 450 000 people of Chinese origin, 400 000 India-born Australians, 1.2 million people born in Britain and 600 000 born in New Zealand.

Where the bulk of Australia’s migrants had previously come from Europe, there is now a definite shift taking place towards East and Southern Asia as the main source of Australia’s immigrant population. More of Australia’s current population was born overseas, which has been the case since the 19th century gold rush.

So is this an advantageous or disadvantageous pattern of change for Australia? Some Australians are still unsure. Overall, it is predicted to be a positive shift for our nation.

The Department of Immigration is preparing its policies to ensure that when the immigration influx does peak, Australia will see growth in the areas of national income, living standards, productive capacity, household consumption, public revenues and demand for goods and services. It is simply a matter of ensuring migrants are highly involved in the economy and aren’t suffering from social exclusion or welfare dependency.

2015 is going to bring a very interesting shift in the Australian population demographics and dynamics. The Department of Immigration are hard at work managing the immigration influx to ensure it brings the most benefit to the Australian social structure and economy. If you or your organisation is playing a part in the immigration trend, make sure your; visas are handled correctly.

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