How the migration shake-up affected Justin’s transition from a 457 to Permanent Residency

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How the migration shake-up affected Justin’s transition from a 457 to Permanent Residency

How the migration shake-up affected Justin’s transition from a 457 to Permanent Residency

Many people who dream of a new life in Australia, will go to great lengths to ensure it becomes a reality. Justin Vella, who’s from Durban in South Africa endured a 15 month wait for his permanent residency when he moved across from a 457 visa. There are much talked about changes being put in place by the Australian Government surrounding migration and visas and this is what led to the delay. Here is his story.

From Dubai to Durban

41-year old Justin Vella was born in South Africa and was employed by food giant Nestle, he then spent five years in Dubai working for the multi-national dairy co-operative Fonterra as a Manager for Food Services.  Coming home and settling in Durban, Justin realised South Africa didn’t give him the lifestyle he wanted for his wife Kirsty and his daughter Chloe.

“The country had deep rooted problems. It was both politically and economically unstable.  There was lots of civil unrest and I never felt safe.  I knew at any minute I could be the victim of a high-jack.”

Joining siblings in Australia

Justin’s three brothers were in Australia, and so it was an easy decision to stay in the same hemisphere but move east to join his siblings.

“I came out on a fact-finding mission with my wife Kirsty to Perth in the winter of 2015.  I met management at the seafood and restaurant chain Kailis Brothers.  I was offered a job with a 457 visa sponsorship to take up the role as a food service manager.”

Andrew Emmott was involved in organising the visa and it took just six weeks to process.  Justin and his wife and daughter arrived in Perth and settled in Attadale.

“I was enjoying the job and Kailis Bothers must have been impressed as they offered to help me to secure permanent residency status, but I had no idea it would take as long as it did,” Justin said.

Progressing from a 457 to permanent residency

Moving from a 457 visa to permanent residency should have been a straightforward process but Justin’s application was submitted just ahead of the 457 shake up announced earlier this year.  It led to a long, protracted wait which Justin found frustrating.

“I couldn’t speak highly enough of VSA, I was constantly badgering them and they were very pro-active, but because of governmental changes, my application stalled.  But we got there in the end,” he explained.

Achieving permanent residency 

On September 6th, 2017 his PR application was rubber stamped. It had taken 15 months to process.

“Yes, it had taken far longer than anticipated but it was worth it. When I lodged my application, I had no idea about there would be any migration changes.   But it’s turned out well, my wife has settled into a job she loves as a trauma clerk at a hospital, the standard of schooling is excellent and our 13-year-old daughter is very happy.  The outdoor lifestyle is suited to our family,” he explained.

“What’s more we have now got an eight-day old son Oliver, who is the first true Australian citizen in our family.  How weird is that? We joke that he was born just a little too late to be able to sponsor us!”

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