How do you get a tourist visa extension in Australia?

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How do you get a tourist visa extension in Australia?

How do you get a tourist visa extension in Australia?

It is not uncommon for people to visit Australia as a tourist and enjoy their stay so much that they’d like to stay longer. The Visitor visa subclass 600 allows you to stay in the country as a sightseer without taking up employment, usually for a set period. It’s also ideal for business visitors.

The Visitor visa subclass 600 is usually available for three months but is also offered for six, or 12 months. The good news is that some holders of this visa may extend the duration of their visa after they arrive in Australia. You may also apply for a new visa if you are on an ETA Visa subclass 601 or an eVisitor subclass 651. While we talk about extending a visa, the reality is that you are lodging a new one.

Visitor visa subclass 600 and the 8503 ‘no further stay’ condition

If you’re in Australia, you may apply for an extension to the Visitor visa subclass 600, as long as there is no 8503-condition imposed upon, otherwise known as a ‘no further stay condition’. You must also be a passport holder from a list of approved countries, with at least six months validity beyond your actual travel date. 

Condition 8503 is the most common visa condition which prevent visa holders from applying for further visas or an extension while in Australia. The condition is usually imposed at the discretion of the individual case officer and sometimes it is mandatory.

Here at Visa Solutions Australia, we are seeing more of these ‘no further stay conditions’ as the Australian Government takes a tougher stance on immigration. 

Why do I have an 8503 or ‘no further stay condition’? 

There are several reasons why a condition 8503 could be applied, the most obvious is that you are an applicant from a high-risk country, where it has always been difficult to obtain visas for Australia.

Another reason could be that they have already spent a considerable amount of time in the country, or perhaps have abused visa conditions on a previous stay in Australia.

You can ask immigration officials to waiver a condition 8503, but this can be a long, drawn out process as evidence and documentation will be required and there is no guarantee you will be successful.

Processing the new visa

If you are planning to extend your Visitor visa subclass 600, we recommend that you do this at least three weeks before your current visa expires.

Processing the new visa can take between 10 and 30 days and if you are refused a new one then you must leave Australia within the amount of time as stipulated in the decision notice issued by Department of Immigration. 

If you start a new Visitor visa application while you are in Australia, and you decide to not progress it further and this occurs before a decision has been made, then you will need to withdraw the application by informing Department of Immigration and/or before your current visa expires.

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