Global Mobility

Global mobility is
considered a Human Resource function. It refers to a business’ ability to seamlessly
move its people around globally or domestically. A niche industry, global
mobility addresses key aspects or pillars for deploying a workforce. These
and payroll

How can global
mobility agents assist in these areas?
Global mobility agents
work with specialists in all aspects of workforce relocation to ensuring their
clients are receiving the most current information and best possible outcomes
when it comes to relocation.

Anyone wanting to work
internationally requires the relevant visas and travel exemptions. Individual
circumstances, type of employment and many other factors will determine the
type of visa or travel exemptions required. Global mobility agents work with
registered migration agents who can effectively manage all relevant paperwork
and visa applications for their clients.

Taxation and
Taxation and payroll regulations
differ all over the world so it’s important that employers and employees are
aware of all aspects of this area. Knowledge of employment law is equally
important. Regardless of location, businesses and employees need to be aware of
local employment laws.

Another crucial aspect
is financial relocation. This involves having the knowledge to be able to
access funds internationally without penalty and ensuring that high transfer
fees are avoided. Specialists in this field can assist clients in accessing
funds with little to no penalty.

Moving Costs
Generally, a company
wanting to relocate a staff member will incur moving costs for the employee and
their family. Depending on circumstances and any conditions or terms of the
relocation agreement, the company may also be responsible for finding employees
suitable accommodation and covering the costs of rent etc.

Every country has its
own cultures and traditions and it’s important that anyone moving
internationally has the knowledge to adapt to a new way of life and live within
a community without causing offence. ‘Basic training’ in the rights and wrongs
of an employee’s new city will go a long way in assisting with the transition.

There are many things
to consider when it comes to relocating for work. The assistance of a global
mobility agent will ensure that all areas of relocation are covered.

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Other Important
Those requiring travel
exemptions will also need visas such as visitor visas or temporary skills visas to enter Australia.

Australian citizens,
permanent residents and those transiting in Australia for less than 72 hours
are not required to obtain a travel exemption.

Visa Solutions
Australia specialises in travel exemptions and has launched a new website
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