Global Mobility Forum Melbourne 2022

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Global Mobility Forum Melbourne 2022

Global Mobility Forum Melbourne 2022

The Global Mobility Forum Melbourne 2022 will take place on Wednesday 8th June at the Collins Square Events Centre in Docklands, Melbourne.

What is the Global Mobility Forum?

The Global Mobility Forum brings together Australia and New Zealand’s professionals and experts in the Global Mobility Industry. Featuring workshops, panels, and seminars, it provides an opportunity for delegates to network and share and exchange information all under one roof.

What is Global Mobility?

Global mobility is considered a Human Resource function and refers to a business’ ability to seamlessly move its people around globally or domestically. A niche industry, global mobility addresses key aspects for deploying a workforce including:
-          Immigration
-          Taxation and payroll
-          Moving costs
-          Culture
Most businesses have a mobile workforce. Mobile employees can be workers who have permanent transfers to another country, long-term or short-term assignments in another country, travel often to other countries or commute to another country regularly.

Global mobility agents work with specialists in the above-mentioned fields to ensure they have the most up to date information and can achieve the best possible outcomes when it comes to relocating staff.

How do each of the aspects of global mobility tie in together?


Global mobility agents will work with registered migration agents who can effectively manage all relevant paperwork and visa applications for their clients. Registered migration agents will be able to provide advice on the required visas based on an employee’s individual circumstances and type of employment.

Taxation and Payroll

As taxation and payroll regulations differ all over the world, employers and employees need to be aware of all aspects of this area. This also includes financial relocation. It’s important that foreign employees have the knowledge to access funds internationally without penalty and ensuring high transfer fees are avoided.

Moving Costs

Generally, a company wanting to relocate a staff member will incur moving costs for the employee and their family. Depending on the terms of the relocation agreement, the company may also be responsible for finding employees suitable accommodation.


Each country has its own culture and traditions, so it’s important for employees transferring internationally have the knowledge to adapt to a new way of life and live within a community without causing offence. A company may provide ‘basic training’ in what’s acceptable or unacceptable in the employee’s new city of residence.

These aspects of global mobility are quite complex so it’s important that companies have a global mobility strategy in place and the counsel of professionals in these various industries.

Experts in these fields will be present at the Global Mobility Forum in Melbourne.

Come and See Us

Visa Solutions Australia will have a booth at the Global Mobility Forum. The Visa Solutions team will be happy to answer any questions you may have when it comes to immigration and global mobility.

For any questions in relation to migration, contact the Visa Solutions team on 1800 828 008 or send us an email.

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