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Dan's Blog Week 5

Dan's Blog Week 5

5 February 2017

Over the past week, I have found myself waking up each morning and looking forward to the latest tweet from President Trump.  Not sure if this is a healthy habit, but I am fascinated by the direct connection that I feel I have with the world’s most powerful person. 

That does not mean that I agree with his policies or the way that he expresses his opinion.  But I do like the unfiltered messages with it going through the battery of media savvy folk that man the Whitehouse and it avoids the main news channels.

In fact, I found that the local paper here in Perth, Western Australia, published a complete double page spread that was almost entirely based on the tweets from President Trump over the past week.  In fact, I had already read those tweets so the view point of the newspaper was equally informed as my own!  It seems that the new President is already changing the way that things have worked for many decades.

Closer to home it was awesome to see Danny Green beat Anthony Mundine on Friday night in a cracker of a boxing match on Friday night.  Not sure why they held it in Adelaide although it was on neutral territory, but it was an awesome match and went the distance.  Both fighters were well deserving and it was a valid points decision with Danny Green beating the well credentialed Mundine!  Not that I am parochial but it was awesome to see a popular West Australian win on the night.

Finally, if you want to see a good flick, check out Moonlight at your local cinema.  This is brilliant story that leaves you feeling moved and thinking about the impact of bullying in our society.  It’s well worth a couple of hours of viewing.


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