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Dan's Blog Week 2

Dan's Blog Week 2

Week 2, 2017

How quickly do the holidays fade into a memory and you are right back into the swing of things, that’s the way that it feels as we have completed the second week of the year.  As Visa Solutions was open throughout the festive season, it is easy to get back into the routine.

From failure, you should learn something.  This week I learned we were the third ranked company for a recent tender and our bid was only slightly behind the most competitive of the big four accounting firms; what an achievement given that Visa Solutions has only recently been relaunched.

It’s also been an interesting week for some companies in the oil and gas sector who employ sub class 457 visa holders; I suppose on a slow news day, just about anything can be promoted through the media.  Companies operating within the law and fully compliant with Australia’s regulations and legislation are targeted because they access skilled offshore workers, for highly skilled positions in the oil and gas sector. 

As a practitioner in the industry for the past 15 years, I have seen few positive stories about the 457 visa schemes; on the other hand, Visa Solutions has assisted literally thousands of applicants access the sc457 visa and ultimately achieve permanent residency in Australia calling Australia their new home.

But these positive stories very rarely make the news. 

Australia should be proud of its migrant history; around the country there are so many positive and heartwarming stories of migrants who have helped to build Australia into the country it is today.

On a lighter note, check out the latest lamb bbq commercial for Australia Day; it’s one of the best commercials I have seen in a while and shows Australia as a land of migrants.

Finally, this week we were all treated to an evening out at the cricket with a client who was visiting from the USA.  It’s always such a privilege to spend time with clients and to find out more about them at a personal level. In this instance, we were delighted to spend time with a client who has had an amazing life and accomplished so much and who shares the values of Visa Solutions. 

It was also nice to hear feedback that the Visa Solutions team has the feel of family and we demonstrably do what whatever is required to get the outcome for a client.

“Whatever the situation and whatever the issues, Visa Solutions will get you the best possible outcome”.

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