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Dan's Blog 22 February 2017

Dan's Blog 22 February 2017

22 February 2017

So who has worked out their social media strategy for 2017? Last year we invested a lot of time, money and effort in understanding the social media wave which is sweeping the small business world. 

There are literally thousands of SEO, Facebook marketing, social media experts etc. who are more than willing to sell you services guaranteed to make your business go viral.

Admittedly there is a lot to learn.  However, I am a little skeptical about the value of some of these people and indeed some of the value of social media promotion as well.

Having said that, we are no longer spending money on print advertising; none; not a cent!  Compared to a decade a go when I would spend $50k on the Yellow pages book as I had the first advert in that publication and Sensis had a license to print money since, if you wanted the phone to ring, you needed to invest in the Yellow pages.

How quickly has that all changed over the past decade. 

Nevertheless, it is all about content and we are all subject to the Google algorithm.  So it’s a brand new world of content publishing and hitting a chord on what people want to read in order to create interest in your services.

I think we learned a lot over the past year and now the statistics are starting to prove that we are doing something right.  the Visa Solutions Facebook site has more than 1600 “likes” which I “like”, we have more than 500 readers on Linkedin and the interaction on our social media platforms is increasing. 

We have not had to resort to “fake news” but apparently that is one way of going viral.

Last week was awesome and attending the CEDA Economic and Political Outlook was great value with some very good speakers and excellent analysis.

A very happy birthday to my lovely wife; with a couple of adult kids we had to spread out the celebrations with the kids juggling work and other commitments as well as trying to keep in touch with the parents.

Have a great week,


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