Australians show overwhelming support for immigration

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Australians show overwhelming support for immigration

Australians show overwhelming support for immigration

Australians show overwhelming support for immigration

A new poll conducted on national identity by the Australian National University has found that Australians strongly support immigration, with nearly nine in 10 people thinking immigrants improve Australian society.

The survey found resounding support for immigration, finding it is both good for the economy and for society, although there was significant calls for stronger measures to exclude illegal immigrants.

When it comes to those who don’t arrive via official channels, almost 50% of those polled saying stronger exclusion measures should be taken.

The poll, which talked to 1200 Australian adults in March, found that nearly 70% think Australia should either maintain its current level of immigration or increase it. The poll also found that more than 80% of Australians think immigrants are good for the economy.

The percentage of respondents who think immigrants increase crime rates has dropped by five points since 1995 to 29%. The same number, 29%, thought immigrants take jobs away from people who were born in Australia.

In 2015, the ideal of being Australian has become more flexible those polled thought that respecting Australian laws and political institutions (96%), being able to speak English (92%) and feeling Australian (87%) were more important than being born in Australia.

They also had notions of identity that went beyond the nation. While 90% said they felt close to Australia, 48% said they felt close to Asia/ Oceania.

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Source: Australian National University

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