Accredited Sponsors Receive Top Priority Visa Processing

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Accredited Sponsors Receive Top Priority Visa Processing

Accredited Sponsors Receive Top Priority Visa Processing

A Ministerial Direction from the government has re-confirmed accredited sponsor applications will be given top priority. This directive will be effective immediately and on-going.

What Does This Mean?

Any Temporary Skill Shortage Visas lodged by accredited sponsors will be processed significantly faster than those without. Accredited sponsors can expect to wait one to two weeks for visa applications to be processed while those without accreditation could be waiting around eight weeks.

Who Does This Effect?

This will effect employers and foreign nationals applying for TSS visas. Applicants who were told prior to 5 September 2018 that their application would be given priority will still be eligible for priority processing.

Why is Accreditation Important?

The government recently re-confirmed that accredited sponsors would continue to receive top priority in visa processing. This is especially important now, given that the government has announced they will stop accepting requests for priority processing.

Until now, employers have been able to request priority processing based on business need, project requirements, Australian interests and other factors. Employers who were planning to make priority processing requests will now have to adjust their time lines accordingly.

Accreditation will also help the government ensure that a larger number of low risk employers have access to accreditation and the benefits it entails.

Who can be an Accredited Sponsor?

Sponsors can qualify for accredited status in any of the following four categories:

  • Government Agencies
  • Australian Trusted Traders
  • Companies with a low number of TSS visa holders and a high percentage of Australian workers
  • Companies with a high number of TSS visa holders and a medium percentage of Australian workers

Each category has varying required characteristics to qualify for accredited sponsorship. These characteristics must continue to be met to avoid having accreditation revoked.

If you haven’t got accreditation please contact Dan Engles at Visa Solutions Australia on 0408 111 315 or email, . It is a complex subject so it is important to speak with someone in the know.

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