Are you up to date on the latest Australian visa changes?

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Are you up to date on the latest Australian visa changes?

Are you up to date on the latest Australian visa changes?

Are you up to date on the latest Australian visa changes?

The Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection is busy making changes. The goal of these changes is to increase the numbers of law-abiding Australian citizenship, while reducing illegal attempts to immigrate to Australia. This move might make it more complex for those faced with plans to immigrate to Australia.

One upcoming major change is the consolidation of two departments. The Department of Immigration and Border Protection and the Australia Customs and Border Protection Service will combine beginning 1 July, 2015. The new entity will be called the Australian Border Force.

The development of the Australian Border Force indicates an increased government commitment to protecting Australian borders. For visitors, that means being aware of Australian visa laws.

For example, did you know: 

  • You need a visa to study in Australia?
  • You need a visa to travel to Australia, even for less than three days?
  • You need a work visa with work rights to work in Australia?

Without visa help, many potential visitors, workers or students may be facing complications with their plan to immigrate to Australia. Plus, there are those who may have their visa application denied altogether, due to increased visa patrol.

Several visa applicants and holders have already felt the impact. According to Immigration and Citizenship Minister Peter Dutton, the Australian Government has denied one hundred Australian visa applications and cancelled visas for four hundred fifty immigrants, based on the Migration Act. The purpose of these denials and cancellations is to reduce crime in Australia.

This complexity in visa applications may result in difficulties for foreigners seeking to obtain employment or even a vacation in Australia. Obtaining visa help can make it easier for Australian visa applicants to successfully acquire a visa, while going through the proper, legal channels.

Those seeking migration to Australia should consult with a migration agency such as Visa Solutions for help with their visa application. Visa Solutions offers several years of experience in visa applications and can help to eliminate the headaches associated with migration to Australia. Contact Visa Solutions to discuss your visa application today.

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