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The Partner Visa

The Partner Visa category is one of the most common pathways for genuine couples to live together in Australia. It is predominantly a path to Permanent Residency

Sponsoring your partner or being sponsored by your partner to Australia can be a stressful and time-consuming process.

As immigrants ourselves, the VSA staff understand the difficulties and frustrations when it comes to dealing with the Department of Home Affairs.

We recognize that every story is personal and each situation unique, and it’s the decisions you make early on that can have the biggest effect on the outcome of your Australian Partner Visa application.

We’ve learnt through the many cases we have managed that reconnecting with your loved ones on Australian soil can be an emotional rollercoaster and is rarely as straightforward as others would lead you to believe.

We work with you to build a strong case, helping you to provide sufficient evidence of your ongoing relationship and genuine love for one another, to ensure you will meet the strict requirements put in place by the Department of Home Affairs.

Who can apply for an Australian Partner Visa?

People who have an Australian citizen or permanent resident as a partner may be eligible to move to Australia under the Partner Visa program.

All long-term de facto and married relationships may be eligible for a partner visa, as there are a wide range of circumstances and situations you may be in.

Do I need to be in Australia?

There are both onshore and offshore partner visas depending on your situation, and even a visa for your partner to come and get married in Australia! It’s best to discuss with your Registered Migration Agent which pathway is best suited to your circumstances.

Can I sponsor my Partner?

If you are an Australian Permanent Resident, Australian Citizen, or eligible New Zealand citizen you may be able to sponsor your partner to come live in Australia.

How can I apply?

Talk to one of the Registered Migration Agents at VSA to discuss which partner visa may be applicable to your situation and work out a plan best suited to your circumstances. We can guide you through the entire process from start to finish so that your application is smooth and stress-free. We’ve handled hundreds of successful partner visa applications over the years and look forward to assisting with yours.

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Eligibility Requirements

When Can We Apply for a Partner Visa?

If you are in a relationship with a non-Australian citizen and you want them to reside in Australia you may apply for a partner visa. You may apply for this visa once you have been in a relationship for 12 months.

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