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About VISA Solutions Australia

Our core values stand for our distinction of service - Trust, Commitment, Excellence and Understanding. 

About  VSA.

VSA is a full-service immigration service provider. We understand and undertake the legal and professional obligation of applying to the Australian Government for a visa on your behalf. 

Our Mission.

Your satisfaction is our number one priority. We genuinely care about our clients and are dedicated to help them overcome any hurdles in immigration to Australia. Honest and straightforward, we will work with you from beginning to end. No hidden fees, no hidden agendas or surprises. 

Our  Values.

Our core values stand for our distinction of service – Trust, Commitment, Excellence and Understanding. We are always seeking to provide services that make a difference in the lives of the people and organisations that trust us!





Service Expectations

We start at the beginning, collecting the important information and facts that will assist and add value and strength to your application.

Led by a team of accomplished Registered Migration specialists, we give assistance to people from all walks of life - be you an employer or individual, parents or student, business owners, major project developers, entertainers, investors or any other person looking to bring value and diversity to the Australian culture.

It is our privilege to provide you with an affordable fee structure throughout your migration journey. Over the years, our industry knowledge and services have evolved into a complete holistic service. We have checked our prices against that of our competitors, and we believe we offer you and your family some of the highest service delivery standards within the industry, and stand by our promise to help you to build a better life in Australia.

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" I believe migration is the expression of human aspiration – it’s the dignity, the safety, and a better future for all. We are all part of the same human family. "

Dan Engles

Managing Director of Visa Solutions Australia

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